One Page Fantasy Skirmish
Can I really say more?  

Well - ACTUALLY - yes, I can.



It's a SKIRMISH miniatures game in the FANTASY genre that fits on ONE printed PAGE!


In all seriousness: this game has some potential.

It gives a good game without drowning the players in rules.

It's not tied to a particular miniature line or movie franchise, so you can tailor the game to fit your style of play.

It has a point-based troop building rules to stat up figures already in your collection, though the options are a bit limited to differentiate between various types of beings & critters.

All rolls are based on a single six-sided die.

There's a short list of magical items and spells.

There's even a half dozen scenarios.




Warning: if you need a game with command ratings, personal
initiative points or morale clocks, then this may not be the game for you.


Click the link below to go to John David Slor's webpage where
you can download ONE PAGE FANTASY SKIRMISH rules:



Go to The site where you can download One Page Fantasy Skirmish


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