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House Rules for Frag-o-rama .

Not official nuthin'.



1. Keep It Cluttered, Keep It Cozy

The playing area/table/killing fields should be FULL of terrain to block Line-of-Sight and climb around. However, the playing area itself should not be larger than 4 feet on a side. Keep in mind that most of the weapons have a range of 12 inches or less and Player movement averages 7 inches. It's going to take several rounds to cross the table if you respawn far from the action. Also use the optional teleporters to cut commuting times.


2. Card Activation

Instead of rolling to see who goes first and then going around the table, make up a deck of cards with all the players' names on it, or the color of the players' figures, or assign each player a different card out of a poker deck. Shuffle said deck at the beginning of each round. Starting at the top of the deck, flip over one card at a time. Whosever card was drawn now gets his turn. When his turn is over, flip the next card. When the deck is spent, the turn is over. This makes it harder to predict when any particular player is going to be activated.


3. No Sittin' Around

What fun is staring at the ceiling while all your buddies are playing? When fragged, a player will respawn at their next card/activation/turn/whatever, even if they were just fragged in the current round. Respawning someplace on the table beyond your control & being stuck with the Killmatic AR is enough of a penalty.

Update: Mod #3 no longer needed.
See page 3, V.1.2. Frag-o-rama.


4. 6+d6" Movement

Because rolling snake eyes for movement sucks. Instead of rolling 2d6, roll 1d6 and add 6 to get your movement. This gives a range of 7 - 12 inches. It also gives you at least 3 1/2 inches of movement with the Heavy Weapons!

Update: Mod #4 no longer needed.
See page 3, V.1.2. Frag-o-rama.


5. First Round Shopping Spree

Weapon and Power-Up tokens ON THE FIRST ROUND do not need a respawn roll. They're good to go, however any player may only go over any particular Weapon and Power-Up token ONCE in that round. Start rolling in the second round as usual. This is so you can get cool toys immediately. Gimme-gimme-gimme!


6. Leftovers

When a player is fragged, discard all Power-Ups as usual, but leave any weapon cards on the table where he was fragged. The first player to move over the cards gets them just like if he passed over a Weapon token. If there is more than one leftover card and the player is only allowed one, then the player decides which he keeps, placing their original weapon in the discard pile. Leave the extra leftovers there. Any leftovers on the table are removed when the fragged player respawns or at the end of the round, whichever happens first. Shopping the dead.


7. The L7 Laser Sniper Rifle

Make this bad boy a “move or shoot” weapon. In other words: if you moved this turn, you may not shoot it this turn. And if you want to shoot it this turn, then you may not move this turn. Hence: “move or shoot”. Figure may change facing and still shoot, though. I see you...


8. Score Pad

Keep the scores on a piece of paper and read off the totals at the beginning of each round. Less stuff on the table, less futzing with the dice, and it might just start a whole new side-game of its own. "Bob's winning? Let's get him!"


9. Gun Emplacements

Randomly scattered around the table are 2 to 4 gun emplacements. These represent an area that has some cover and an Electro Gattling Cannon with unlimited ammo mounted on a tripod. It has 360° targeting (you can turn it in any direction) but it cannot be moved from that spot. Any player that ends its movement and has not yet attacked that turn may man the gun and use it for their attack. Players cannot use Power-Up Card Effects - like John Woo Style or Laser Sight - on the tripod mounted Electro Gattling Cannon. Light 'em up!


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