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Skull Ball

Place a bead or token (or a tiny skull) in the center of the table. This represents the Skull Ball. A Player may pick it up by moving over it. Every round that ends with the Skull Ball in your possession counts as one point. Players do not get points for fragging other players. A Player may relinquish control of the Skull Ball at any time during their turn, just place the token where it would have fallen, but may not pick it up again until their next turn. The only attack allowed while in possession of the Skull Ball is Bitch Slap. If a Player is fragged while in possession of the Skull Ball, place it where they were fragged. Feel the love.



The first Player to score a frag is “it”. After that point, all their frags count double. Whoever frags the Player who’s “it” gets double points for that kill and then becomes “it” themselves. This continues until the end of the game.

Update: Scenario "It" no longer needed.
See "Super Soldier", page 5, V.1.2. Frag-o-rama.


Sprite Smashing

Points may only be scored by fragging Sprites, at one point each. There is no penalty for fragging other players, but no points will be earned. The challenge is how tough a Sprite are you willing to smash...


Circular World

When a player exits a border of the table they materialize at the same spot but on the opposite side of the table. If a player exits the right side of the board 2 inches below the top, then it would reappear on the left side of the board 2 inches below the top. Ranged attacks will also travel in this manner. Warning: this is more of a special effect than an actual scenario, and adds a bit of math to the game, but it does keep folks on their toes.



 All Your Spawn Tokens Are Belong To Us


The strategy behind this one is to occupy as may of the Spawn tokens on the table as possible, limiting the options of the opposing side as to where they can respawn. In short: take territory and hold it.

Set up the table as usual, but make sure that two opposing corners of the table are reasonably surrounded by cover and do not have Line-of-Sight to each other. A Spawn token will be placed at those corners and it will act as the home base for each team. This is where they start the game. No more that one Gun Emplacement may be positioned at each home base, and they each have one or nobody has one.

Use only half (or there about, depending the players' preferences) the remaining Spawn tokens and spread them out, ideally not within
Line-of-Sight of each other or the home bases. These are deactivated. The only way to activate them is to have a player's figure stand in the middle on it for an entire turn. They may still attack or change facing, but cannot move from that spot. Once activated, only that team may respawn there. The opposing team may stand in the middle of an activated Spawn token for an entire turn and then his team will have exclusive use of it. Yes, the Spawn tokens at the home bases can change ownership as well. Use colored beads, stones or other mnemonic devices for designating ownership of particular active Spawn tokens.

A player may now respawn on any desired Spawn token that their team has possession of, as opposed to the traditional random respawn. Also, players may respawn on the token or anywhere within 2" of it, so make sure there's a little bit of room around them. And there are no Telefrags; if occupied, just materialize somewhere within 2" of the token, not on it.    


1. A team that loses the Spawn token in their home base has automatically lost the game.

2. If, by the end of the time limit, both bases are still active, then the team with the highest number of Spawn tokens under their control at the end of the game wins.

3. If neither of those are in effect, then the team that fragged the most opponents wins. Fragging a fellow teammate (and/or yourself) counts as -1 each to that team's frag total.

Note: more than 2 teams may play this scenario.


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