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Action Cards

Are the Action Cards necessary to play the game? - No, not at all. The game works very nicely without the using ANY of the cards. If anything, it speeds up the game a bit and becomes a more traditional mecha battle boardgame. However, your mech designs become much more important. They're totally dependant on how they're built as there is nothing to "power-up" your mecha during the game. Personally, I'd leave the cards in their box if you're running a large battle of over a dozen mechs.

Can a TACTICS Action Card be used to counter another TACTICS Action Card? - Yes, which then can be countered by another TACTICS Action Card. It is a bit CCG, but if you don't like that mechanic, simply change the rules.



Where do I get those cool paper hex maps? -  At this point: online auction sites. It will be hit-or-miss as the classic Battletech maps are out of production.   



Are miniatures required? - No. Use whatever is convenient to represent your mecha, but make sure that the front of the mech is readily discernable so everyone knows which way it's facing and what firing arc is where.