There are many things you can do to a mech to make it harder to target: have less reflective surfaces, broadcasting interference or jamming scanners, sensor absorbing coatings, baffles to cut down on noise, insulating thermal hot-spots, heat exchangers to cool down exhaust and heavier shielding around the reactor. All these techniques will be lumped into one term - Counter Measures.

Each level of Counter Measures costs 1 Mech Space for small mechs, 2 Mech Spaces for medium mechs and 3 Mech Spaces for large mechs.

Counter Measures grants the mech an automatic 25% cover in addition to whatever cover is available, even out in the open.

A mech cannot have more than 1 Counter Measures system. This is to represent no matter how good your tech is, it's still a GIANT, STOMPY ROBOT.

Counter Measures
cannot be mounted in Pods.

There. Now you can have your very own 6-story-tall ninja-mech. Paint it black.