Mechs and Basing

I use 2" mechs (1:300/1:285/6mm or so) as they're easy to paint but will allow detailing if the mood strikes. Also, that's what most of my collection is: Ral Partha Battledroids/Battletech, Rafm Mekton and Jovian Chronicles, some Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gears, the occasional Reaper CAV and even a few Talon Games MAUs. The newer Heavy Gears work well as smaller mecha - Mech Sizes 2 through 4 - as most of them are about half the size of the other mech figures.

Each mech figure is mounted on a uniform hex base that will fit on the old Battletech hex maps. Not entirely necessary, but it helps determine the forward facing and the front, back, left and right arcs. Gale Force 9 custom manufactures 29mm wooden hexes.