A Pod is a storage container mounted externally on a mech. They may house a system that will fit in one Mech Size of space: weapon systems (Missile Launchers are quite popular), Ammo Carrier for an internally mounted weapon, Camo Netting, a Targeter, or even cargo. Small mechs may have one pod, medium mechs many have up to two, and large mechs many have up to 3.

Weapons systems installed in a pod may make attacks as any other of the the mech's weapons, and require an assigned arc. This arc may not be changed during a battle but may be changed between battles. A Melee Weapon stored in a pod may not make attacks, but may be used to replace a destroyed Melee Weapon during a battle.

Pods may not be grouped together to carry larger items. Armor, Bomb, Enhanced Engine, Four Legs, Flight System, Jump Jets and Transformer may not be placed in a pod except as spare parts.

Mechs with pods sacrifice speed for carrying capacity. A small mech loses 3 Move Points for one pod, a medium mech loses 2 Move Points for each pod, and large mechs lose 1 Move Point per pod. This Move Point loss does not effect the additional Move Points give by Jump Jets or Flight Systems. Example: a size 8 mech with 2 pods and Jump Jets has 1 regular Move Point plus the 4 Move Points from the Jump Jets. Pods may be ejected at the beginning of a mech's activation to regain the lost Move Points. A transformer mech may have pods, but the pods' contents do not change with the transformation. 

Any attacks on a mech with pods has a chance of the pods being hit instead of the mech itself. Brace yourselves: math! X/Y, where X = number of pods currently attached to the mech and Y = the size of the mech. Example: a size 4 mech (Y) has 1 pod (X), so there is a 1/4 chance of the pod being hit in a successful attack, which translates to a 1 on a D4 roll. A size 8 mech (Y) with 2 pods (X) would be a roll of 1 or 2 on a D8. Pods have neither Hits, nor Armor, so any amount of damage destroys them. Attacks that don't hit the pods are treated normally. Also, any pods with weapons in them are fair game for Critical Hit: Weapon Hit rolls.

After the battle: whoever holds the field may salvage any undestroyed pods and the items they may still contain, including weapon systems, unspent ammo or even cargo.

Pods have no cost. Yes, another freebie.