Takes up 2 spaces in a mech. A Recovery Rig consists of - at a minimum - a locker full of useful tools, a winch, some cable, and a crane strong enough to lift mech-sized objects. It may also be represented by extra sets of smaller arms. It turns the mech into a tow truck for giant stompy robots. Why would one want to spend 2 entire spaces on such a thing? Mostly for campaign reasons: it makes it easier to recover and salvage mecha after the battle as well as maintain and build mecha between battles.

1) Having at least one mech with a Recovery Rig present after the battle adds +1 to all rolls on the SALVAGE TABLE. Multiple mechs with Recovery Rigs do not grant additional bonuses.

2) A mech with a Recovery Rig may tow (drag) a mech up to its own Mech Size back to its base at the end of the battle. Useful if the there are not enough pilots available or the mech is inoperable. Multiple mechs with Recovery Rigs may team up, totaling their Mech Size, to tow mechs larger than they could handle individually. This does not remove the mech from combat roster, even if multiple trips are necessary.

3) Assigning a mech with a Recovery Rig to a mech building project will reduce the number of Campaign Turns to build the new mech by 1 to a minimum of 1. A maximum of 2 mechs with Recovery Rigs may be assigned to any one mech building project. This does remove those mechs from combat roster.

4) A Recovery Rig adds +1 to the mech's Punch damage.

Large mechs may have two Recovery Rigs that allow the mech to tow two other mechs with a combined Mech Size equal to itself. It may also tow one smaller mech and help with towing a second mech.