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Before it was called "Battletech", it was "Battledroids"!

 Battledroids  - The Lost Minis Wiki

 Battledroids  - Brian's Cache


Mecha and Other "6mm" Figures

 Acheson Miniatures  - They have some mechs in their Sci-Fi line.

 Adler Miniatures  - Dark Star line of Sci-Fi vehicles and infantry.
WARNING: photos are at the DARK STAR GALLERY link on the left of the page.

 Brigade Models Ltd.  - Vehicles and infantry.

 C in C  - WW2, modern and Sci-Fi vehicles.

 Command Horizon  - Vehicles and infantry.

 Comfychair Games  - W.I.L.D. Fire mechspiders!

 Dark Realm Miniatures  - Walkers, infantry and vehicles.

 Dream Pod 9  - Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles and Gear Krieg mechs, vehicles and infantry.

 Exodus Wars  - 6mm vehicles and troops.

 GameCraft Miniatures  - 1/285 modern buildings.

 GHQ  - WWII and modern infantry, vehicles and aircraft.

 I-94 Enterprises  - Where I get most of my decals from.

 Iron Wind Metals  - Battletech minis.

 Irregular Miniatures  - 6mm vehicles, troops, critters & other oddities.  - Sci-Fi vehicles, troops & dinosaurs. Yes: dinosaurs.

 Old Crow Models  - Sci-Fi vehicles and scenery in 6mm.

 Plasmablast Games  - Sci-Fi vehicles and troops.

 Ral Partha Europe Ltd.  - Battletech and  Mech Force U.K.

 Reaper Miniatures  - CAV miniature line.

 Reiver Castings  - 6mm/10mm Sci-Fi vehicles.

 Reviresco  - Days of Empire: 1/300 Sci-Fi vehicles.

 Scotia Grendel Productions  - Infanty & vehicles.

 Steve Jackson Games  - Ogre miniatures for vehicles, troops and bunkers.

 Talon Games  - Some rather nice mech sculpts at really nice prices.

 ZandrisIV Miniatures  - 6mm Grav Armor.


6mm/1:300/1:285 Terrain & Hex Maps

 Action Terrrain eBay Store  - 1:285 buildings WW2 to modern.

 Armorcast LLC  - Sci-Fi buildings and enplacements.

 GHQ  - 1:285 modern buildings for Europe, Middle East, North Africa, and Tropical.

 HeavyMetal Software  - Hex map generating software.

 Hovels Ltd  - A few 6mm modern hangars and shelters.

 JR Miniatures  - 6mm buildings for Sci-Fi, Middle East or European.

 Miniature World Maker  - Some 6mm industrial/military but mostly pastoral England.

 Monday Knight Productions  - Felt gaming mats with either hex or square grid.


Blogs and Websites

 Meka Tac GSR Patrol  - Mapless GSRE solo-play with Mechwarrior Clix Figures!

 Fall-In! Day 2: Some Games Played  - A review of the Fall In! 2010 Giant Stompy Robot Gladiators game... with PHOTOS! (Bottom half of article.)  

 Flexible Strategies: Giant Commie Stomping Robots - Getting Stomped

 Meka Tac Battle Report Site  - A fansite.

 Meka Tac on BoardGameGeek  - Reviews and links.

 The Busy Gamer  - Has  MEKKA ADVANCED , a set of campaign rules for MekaTac.

 Gundam Wing by Emil Srdoc  - A variant of Meka Tac incorporating both Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Original Gundam (One Year War) background material.