Dying to Entertain You.


The Ratings Wars were as bitter as they've always been. With the waning of Professional Zombie Racing, it was time to fall back on that perennial crowd pleaser: giant robot gladiators.

Gladiatorial bouts should be between mechs of the same size. We used Mech Size 8, and each mech had Jump Jets. Some were simply taken form the other lists on this site, some were modified existing designs, the rest were built from scratch.


Special Gladiator Rules: Victory Point System.
Giant robot gladiators existed solely for ratings. And what got ratings? Violence! The victor was not necessarily the last one standing, but who caused the most carnage. 

Inflicting a hit that causes damage = 1 point.

Causing a Critical = 3 points.

Inflicting a hit that caused the destruction of an opponent's mech = 10 points.

Note that the second and third turns of automatic damage by flamethrowers also earns points.

Bonus: each mech you destroy increases your Action Card hand size by 1; KILL THEFT is not only allowed, but encouraged!

So, inflicting a hit (1 point) that causes a Critical (3 points) and destroys the target mech (10 points) would earn you 14 points and increase you Action Card hand size by 1.

Highest point total at the end of the game wins regardless of whether their mech is still functional or the pilot is alive.


Gladiator Mecha





8 Stalker Custom Plasma Projector [L]
Plasma Projector [R]
Mortar Medium (AI) [F]
Jump Jets
8 Thor Rail Cannon (AI) [L]
Rail Cannon (AI) [R]
Jump Jets
8 Zeus Particle Accelerator [L]
Particle Accelerator [R]
Jump Jets
8 Vulcan Rail Gun (AI) [L]
Chain Gun (AP) [L]
Rail Gun (AI) [R]
Chain Gun (AP) [R]
Jump Jets

These were modified Red Star Army mechs. What? You think the Grand Premier doesn't watch these shows?


8 Egbert Rail Gun (AI) [F]
Sniper for Rail Gun
Chain Gun [R]
Jump Jets
8 Hatchet Melee Weapon [R]
Rail Cannon (AP) [F]
Laser Cannon [L]
Jump Jets
8 Reaver Siege Gun (AI) [F]
Ammo Carrier for Siege Gun
Missile Launcher Small (AP) [F]
Jump Jets
8 Stalwart Particle Accelerator [R]
Missile Launcher Small (AP) [F]
Melee Weapon [R]
Jump Jets
8 Thuggie Laser Cannon [R]
2 x Missile Launcher Small (AP) [F]
Laser Cannon [L]
Jump Jets
8 Wadsworth Particle Accelerator [F]
Missile Launcher Large (AI) [F]
Missile Launcher Small (AI) [L]
Missile Launcher Small (AI) [R]
Jump Jets
8 Warhammer Particle Accelerator [R]
Missile Launcher Small (AI) [L]
Rail Gun (AI) [L]
Jump Jets

Custom built mechs.