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Welcome to the future.
There is no escape.
Scream if you wish.
The end will be the same.



Some sites enjoy expounding upon the hope of the future, how all things will be made better by technology and a greater understanding of the forces unseen and undreamt; that humanity will embrace the stars and, in turn, be embraced by all who dwell amongst those distant, shining points of light in this vast, beautiful universe.

This ain't one of those.

These pages are about what happens when humanity ventures into the unknown unbidden and unwanted. Be it the hostile, frozen void of space or the hungry abyss of our own tortured souls. It's about science untamed. It's about war on far-flung planets and on our own world in a twisted, apocalyptic future. And playing fun games all about the above with 28mm scale "toy soldiers."

Wanna shiny-happy future? Go somewhere else. 

While you still can.



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March 10, 2006

Updated some items on the H E Links page.


May 28, 2006

Added some items on the H E Links page.


June 13, 2006

Added SKANKGAME.COM's new home to the H E Links page!




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