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***NEW*** Post Apoc Wargames is my favorite home away from home. A friendly place populated by good folk who like to discuss PA gaming in general, but its miniature wargaming in particular.

Offworld Colonies is dedicated to wargamers playing sci-fi infantry games on the tabletop.



Christian´s Displaced Miniatures Page - "Turning RAW material into WAR material!" Yes, it's WW2/Pulp, but it's still freakin' cool!

Drunk Dog Works A Maschine Krieger fansite with some kick ass models. Now if only some enterprising miniature manufacturer would be inspired by this particular model and put out some 28mm powered armor miniatures. It's a dream I have...

Krueger's Krieger SF3D/MaK Zbv3000 Models and Tips An S.F.3.D. site full of very cool models.

Post Nuke Comic - Post apocalyptic online comic by Andreas Duller. There is a reason why it's not under the HUMOR heading.

TerraGenesis The web site devoted to the creation of terrain for table-top wargames.

Wastelands and Trailer Parks One of my favorite "after the bomb" miniature gaming sites. Several after action reports of 2085: Warlords of the Wasteland games. Not for the faint of heart or those obsessed with Political Correctness. You have been warned.



All Things Zombie - Your Zombie Resource Site! Movies, Books, Comics, Games, & More!

Apocalypse Fiction Magazine - E-zine dedicated to - you guessed it - Apocalyptic fiction.

Metamorphosis Alpha - Back in 1978, it was the first published Science Fiction RPG. It's about to enter it's fourth edition - both hardcover & .pdf. They even have an official forum. Hail to the king, baby.

The Miniatures Page a.k.a. TMP - Web-magazine for Miniature Wargamers. Covers it all: historical, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. 

Post Apocalyptic Forge - Dedicated to the Apocalyptic and Post Apocalyptic genre, but focuses on the development of resources for Role Playing games of that genre.

Post Apocalyptic Media - A website detailing all mediums involving Post-Apocalyptic and Apocalyptic fiction.

Wikipedia - Category:Post-apocalyptic novels - Reviews and info about various PA novels.



Alpha Forge Some very cool 28mm SciFi robots, aliens & humans!

Armorcast Historical, Fantasy, SciFi & VSF resin kits of buildings, terrain & vehicles.

***NEW*** Black Cat Bases Not just bases, but also 28mm figures - historical, fantasy, modern, scifi, Cthulhu, and some that are just plain odd.

Black Tree Design (was Harlequin, then Icon, now BTD) Doctor Who figures as well as some general scifi miniatures.

Brigade Games Retailer for Foundry, Eureka, BTD and many, many more.

Chiltern Miniatures  Scifi and many other periods.

Cold War Miniatures  The Dead will Walk range of ZOMBIES!!! 55 -count 'em- 55 different zombie figures!!! They're dead sweet!!!

Comfy Chair Games  Home of Spinespur.

Copplestone Castings  FUTURE WARS (zombies!) miniature line.

Corvus Belli Home of the Infinity 28mm scifi miniature line. They also have their own game: Infinity.

Crocodile Games War Gods of Ægyptus miniatures. Great for Egyptian gods/aliens.

Darkson Design Pulp late-war WW2 Sci-Fi miniatures and they have a forum. This is the one I've waited for: RUS_SE001! Ironically, it was intended as a test sculpt, not meant as a production model. However, due to many requests, and not wanting to pass up a chance of revenue, it has been released! Hopefully it will sell well enough to merit an officer and heavy weapons variant. Pleeeeease! I'm not asking for much! Just an officer with machine pistol, a sniper, a squad support weapon, an anti-armor weapon, a flamethrower, etc.

Devil Dog Design Modern infantry miniatures.

Denizen Miniatures
  Scifi troops and other periods. Carried in the U.S. at Historical Miniatures.Com, though not the entire line.

DLD Scout vehicles to tanks.

East Riding Miniatures Some very cool Scifi "22nd Century Corporate World" miniatures.

em4miniatures Scifi miniatures, vehicles & your source for the Combat Zone game. Available in the U.S. through The Tin Dictator.

Eureka Miniatures Scifi & "100 Club" figures.

Ground Zero Games (GZG) Their own line of Scifi miniatures & vehicles as well as a U.K. Source for Eureka's figures.

Hasslefree Miniatures Manufacturer of some very nice 28mm miniatures for Scifi or Fantasy. I especially like the Adventurers with some great zombie hunters.

Heresy Miniatures Scifi, fantasy, Deathball and even THRUD THE BARBARIAN! miniatures in 28mm scale! Many of the fantasy and Deathball figures can be converted for Savage Sci-Fi (TM) or Post Apocalyptic gaming.

Hetzerdog Miniatures  Babylon's Burning post-apocalyptic miniature skirmish game and miniatures. Like all good miniature rules producers, you don't have to use their figures to play their game, but they'd appreciate you buying 'em all the same. 

Iron Wind Metals Brand new figures as well as Classic Ral Partha miniatures, Shadowrun figures & Vor: The Maelstrom miniature line

28mm aliens, humans, mechs, vehicles & even their own rules.

Micro Mark Small tool specialist.

Obelisk Miniatures Urban Modern, Scifi and darkest Africa figures.

Old Crow Models Scifi vehicles from scout cars to tanks, including David Drake's "Hammer's Slammers", and all of AINTSY's products.

Old Glory Miniatures Source for SuperFigs miniatures.

Olley's Armies by Bob Olley Scifi and Fantasy figures.

Palladium Books online store Some really cool scifi figures. Personal favorites: Coalition Soldiers, Coalition Skelebots & Coalition Dog Pack.

Pig Iron Productions 28mm Futuristic Armoured Vehicles and very nice looking infantry.  These products are carried in the U.S. by Xtreme Hobby in their Estore.

Prince August Producers of Future Shock miniatures: after the bomb -

RAFM Miniatures and Games Producers of
Call of Cthulhu figures.

Robert L. Bowling Painting Service: RLBPS A U.S. source for many imported miniature gaming products, including Copplestone Castings.

ShadowForge Miniatures Manufacturer of lots o' female figures for many genres, including Scifi.

Ultra Cast offers a line of 28-30mm multi part polyurethane plastic resin kits models for miniature wargaming or collecting and terrain.

Victory Force Miniatures - J C Miniatures Some VERY Masamune Shirow scifi infantry figures.

Walthers Model train supplies - bits, flock, tools, etc.

West Wind Productions 28mm scifi, horror and fantasy figures and rules.



REDVSBLUE.COM  A scifi/comedy/drama/parody fan-flick done on an X*BOX playing HALO.

Turnsignals on a Land Raider By the Emperor's Magic 8-ball! This web comic is done by a player who enjoys the game but can still see the humor in the sillier side of the dark future that's often filled with cheese. YIP!