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Mankind did reach out to their solar system, taking all their shortcomings and evil with them. Overpopulation and greed propelled them first to the Moon, then Mars,  Neptune and the asteroid belt. Though far way, the colonies were still dependant on Earth for much of their heavy industry. Until the Rock hit.

Human colonists on Mars managed to survive the Terran apocalypse by harsh and often cruel means. The eventual manufacturing of an atmosphere helped to shield the populous from both cosmic radiation and smaller meteors, while the Agency of Genetic Monitoring did their best to eradicate any mutations. 

Once the colony was stabilized, Mars Fleet was ordered by the Martian Command Council to set up regular reconnaissance of the remains of Earth. The Martian government always had the intention of recolonizing the homeworld and loot plunder recover the resources of this still wealthy planet. The Martian Expeditionary Force made forays to Earth to test the environment and the locals. Occasionally, they would end up stranded there, as it became an ideal place to abandon the politically undesirable.


Martian Expeditionary Force

The MEF faction list was made using the WarEngine force creation rules in ShockForce 2. Inspiration came from HALO, HALO 2, STARSHIP TROOPERS (the movie and the computer generated TV show) and ALIENS. It was an attempt to make the most advanced humans -albeit from the Martian colonies- in the After the Rock gameverse. Everything else will be scaled from here.

Follow the rules on page 50 of ShockForce 2 for selecting your force, but please bear in mind:

Non-Commissioned Officers (sergeants and corporals) do not have to be armed with the same weapons as the rest of the squad. 

Figure recommendation: VOR Union miniatures from Iron Wind Metal.


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