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ShockForce 2nd Edition
a.k.a. "SF2"

Published by Dark Tortoise Productions

Available online at warengine.darktortoise.com, the WarEngine Wiki!



ShockForce 2 is a 1:1 miniatures skirmish game using 25/28mm figures. The rules can handle two to six players per battle. ShockForce 2 is set in a SciFi/post-apocalyptic United States of America with 7 diverse factions and associated army lists. The fluff can be ditched if it doesn't appeal to you as there are also rules for stating up your own troops from scratch. If it didn't, it wouldn't be gracing these pages. WarEngine - the core set of game mechanics of ShockForce 2 - has been used for fantasy, Victorian Science Fiction, Historical American Civil War & World War 2, amongst other genres. WarEngine games have been run at many conventions, including GENCON and Dragon Con.



Each figure represents one trooper, monster or vehicle. Though most figures are part of one squad (unit) or another, there are figures that can operate independently. Each figure is able to perform its own actions. Each player alternately activates a squad or independent character/monster/vehicle of their force. I activate a unit, you activate a unit, I activate another unit, you activate another one of yours, etc. until all units able to do so have done so. Once all units have activated, a new turn begins.

WarEngine uses D6's. Don't roll your eyes at me; the die mechanic is interesting. Several dice may be rolled but only a certain number will be kept. Example: 4K3 means roll 4 6-sided dice and KEEP the 3 highest, adding them together to get the value. There are modifiers based on cover, movement, certain unit characteristics (FLAWS & EDGES) and the type of unit which can either add or subtract the number of dice rolled.

All attack rolls, using a weapon's Attack Factor, are opposed by the target's Defense Factor roll. The attacker must roll higher than the defender. That's it. No roll to hit, roll to damage, roll to prevent damage, roll to inhale, roll to exhale, yadda-yadda-yadda.  There is a morale mechanic which works off the unit's Mental Factor. Individual figures may have a limited number of Hero Points to modify their rolls. 

The only problem with the game is that the vehicle rules are not quite as robust as I would like, but not to the point where I wouldn't play it or recommend it, and there are ideas listed on the WarEngine Yahoo!Groups that show promise.



Dark Tortoise Productions Publisher of WarEngine / ShockForce 2. Was Demon Blade, then xB9, now Dark Tortoise Productions.

warengine.darktortoise.com The WarEngine Wiki! All the rules are there: Core Rules v2.1, Troop Builder v2.1 and Force Builder v2.1. So If you don't mind printing them out yourself, you can get them for FREE! It's community participation within an "official" framework, so new rules, settings and forces will be submitted by players from around the world. 

WarEngine A Yahoo!Group to discuss the ShockForce2/WarEngine Gaming systems. Active list with folks running  games at GenCon & other major conventions. Please note that many of the army lists are in Excel. You can download a free viewer if you don't have that particular piece of software.

The Remnants WarEngine Free E-Zine Down load the free WarEngine fan based E-Zine, with five issues available.

Shockforce Warehouse eBay store selling ShockForce rules and miniatures. NEGROMUNDHEIM "We had a dream. An Iron Dream. And we made it true." Anything-Goes Miniature Wargaming using WarEngine/ShockForce2. And, YES, they do have several home-grown army lists online with more to come! Brought to you by the same folks who gave you IRON DREAM TOURNAMENT I & II.

WarEngine Central French site with photos. 

Dances with Emutants A site maintained by a former demo rep of DemonBlade/xB9. Lots of rules, conversions & photos.