Totally Unrelated to the Topic at Hand, 
But Guilty Pleasures Nonetheless!


Local Gaming Groups!

NLWargamers Northern Lancaster Wargamers "A forum for Gamers of Northern Lancaster County, Pa centered mostly around Ephrata. We game every scale and about every period, even fantasy and scifi. Some of our interests include French and Indian War, WW2, Interwar, Ancients, War of the Roses, 1980's Moderns, 1920s-30s Gang Warfare, VSF, Pulp, War Machine, and some Games Workshop games. "

Reading Area Wargamers Weekly group that meets every Thursday in Reading, PA, USA. Check out the Schedule of Events to see if the games are of interest. Mostly historical miniature games of various scales, sizes, and eras. They also have a Yahoo!Group.

Just Plain Fun!


Astronomy Picture of the Day - "Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer." Best use of my tax money I've seen in a loooooong time.

Emmy The online comic that exposes the horror that is attending anime conventions and associated lifestyle! Well, sorta...

**NEW ** Dungeons & Denizens - What? Do you think all those random encounters in underground labyrinths just HAPPEN?! It takes a devoted support staff to keep heroes and their henchmen on their toes.
Engrish.com Not so much "lost" in translation as it is "mutilated." 

Fragile Gravity Far, far too funny.

has gone totally online. Read a new installment every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Don't worry, collections are still published regularly.

Least I Could Do If sitcoms were this funny, I'd be watching broadcast TV right now...  

**UPDATE** by Kathryn Garrison. She's finally got her own cyberplayground! Both of her current comic strips, "Carry On" and "The Legend of Anne Bunny" have been nominated for an award in the Best Anthropomorphic Comic Strips category! www.ursamajorawards.org/ReadList.htm Way to go, Kat!!!

Neo Monster Island This man has more Godzilla toys than I have ever seen, and does some righteous stuff with 'em. Not for the easily offended. Poop!

POST-NUKE COMIC An online graphic novel of survival after nuclear armageddon.

REDVSBLUE.COM  A scifi/comedy/drama/parody/political commentary fan-flick done on an X*BOX playing HALO. *blink. blink-blink.* JUST GO WATCH 'EM!!! 

Turnsignals on a Land Raider By the Emperor's Magic 8-ball! This web comic is done by a player who enjoys the game but can still see the humor in the sillier side of the dark future that's often filled with cheese. YIP!

UPevil: the Evilution! The further adventures of Neo Vader the 3rd and his roommates as they try to take over the world. It's up & running! No: REALLY! Honest! Just go look, already!

V G CATS Video game related humor that you don't need to be a console junkie to enjoy. And comic number 150 makes it all so clear...


 Online Animation


Ddautta -or- Bunny Gets a Crush on a Cat - well, that's what I'm calling it. It's just too darn cute. Thanks, Cam! Flash animation.


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