Steampunk Robots!

Ares Mk. I! This particular horror of the battlefield  had a flamethrower, self-loading cannon, medium rotary gun and rocket launcher. Note the rear balancing wheel.

Cobbled together from a SuperFigs BOT figure with an old toy boiler, an artillery wheel,  most of a HEAVY WEAPONS pack from PEG's Great Rail Wars line & a few scraps of plastic. 

Don't throw anything away! Ever!

Mister Klunkie: Designed to Clear Away Unwanted Woodlands! Giant claw for grabbing & tearing, a drill to expedite the removal of stumps and the ever-useful flamethrower.

A much bigger automaton made from lengths of PVC plumbing pipes, a plastic sheetrock anchor screw and plastic sheeting. Ignition tube for flamethrower is copper wire, primed black and painted copper. It may sound odd, but the copper wire discolors when exposed to the  lacquer used to protect & seal the figure.

Whirlie: the Partner to Mister Klunkie! He zipped ahead of his lumbering counterpart to clear away entangling vegetation & scare off animals with his internally mounted, self-loading shotgun. The blades spinning about its midsection acted as a gyrostabilizer.

A short length of PCV pipe with a pair of notches cut out of one end for the artillery wheel. Rivets are plastic rod glued into holes drilled into its surface as are the blades. 

A Clockwork Tarantula!

From Pinnacle Entertainment Group's Great Rail Wars line; from the pack entitled -surprisingly enough- CLOCKWORK TARANTULAS. No modifications accept for the addition of the base. To give an idea of scale, as {GASP!} the lovely Laura Krupp is absent, the figure is mounted on a 1 & 1/2 inch washer. Most of the supplied miniatures are in multiple parts, so assembly is required.

Atlantian Horror Stalks the Earth! Or maybe from a castle in the sky?

This toy is from an episode of the Japanese animated TV series Lupin the 3rd. It also made an appearance in the anime movie Luputa: Castle in the Sky. A quick paint job and a simple re-basing will finish the job. It's plastic with zero points of articulation.


From the Minds of Mortal Men!

This is Goriki, from Kai Asamiya's STEAM DETECTIVES series of manga & anime. It doesn't really need any work. Yep, it came like this right out of the box. The figure is plastic with one point of articulation: the waist.

Automatons! From PEG's Great Rail Wars line mounted on 1 & 1/2 inch washers. Some assembly required.



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