Heroes Dashing & Villains Despicable!


The Grand Life of Adventure! The miniatures above represent the stalwart group of player characters in STEAMPLUCK!, a VSF tabletop RPG that the author occasionally runs. Style of play swings wildly between Hayao Miyazaki, Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and H. P. Lovecraft. More details would be offered, but the players might be reading this. Can't have that! The cast is posing around the most popular member of the expedition: the Maxim Machinegun.

The figures are a mix of Ral Partha, Dixon, Foundry, Old Glory, and HLBSC. The only complaint about the miniatures available for VSF gaming is the lack of non-Northern European figures in European period costume. Though our gaming group is not what one would call "politically correct", we are culturally diverse. Loincloths in London just won't do, old boy.

Laura Krupp, the Shaman, Nanny, Dr. Zedd & a Martian Princess! 

A mix of Parroom Station, Foundry, HLBSC, Jeff Valent, and a long out of production Leading Edge figure. Get used to Laura, as she's the size comparison model for most of the other photos.

Officers of the Kaiser's Army!

The figure on the left is in the German East African line from HLBSC, the rest are made by Eureka. Yes, that's a rocket pack on his back.






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