Frequently Asked Questions!
And General Commentary! Read At Own Risk!

1. These particular pages are about promoting miniature gaming in the Victorian Science Fiction genre.

2. Sorry, this is not a store. Please try the merchants listed on the VSF GAMING LINKS for purchasing the commercially available products shown. They would gratefully accept your custom. If you wish to support this site, please purchase official merchandise at RIVETS & STEAM! GEAR.

3. The items scratchbuilt by the author are not for sale. A lot of work was put into each model so most folks couldn't afford what would have to charged to get back the hours of labor involved.

4. The author does not work in the gaming industry, but just enjoys playing miniature games (and board & card games) as well as all the figure & model work that goes along with it. He also plays tabletop RPGs, so all the figures get double duty. 

5. This the author's first webpage, done with MS Front Page 2000. It's very cut & paste, then one just mucks about with the properties of each object. The rest of it behaves like a word processor. Unfortunately, the ease of use comes at a price: all the tables look awful when viewed in anything other than Internet Explorer so some of the more useful bells & whistlers must be omitted. 

6. Though the historical infantry and cavalry figures aren't as exciting as the mechanical monstrosities, it was desired that the uniforms were to be as accurate as possible for the "period." Sometimes this takes more effort than kitbashing a new vehicle.

7. Why, yes, the author does lives very deep in the woods! Why do you ask? 



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