Terrain Rules!

Terrain affects Line of Sight, movement, and the chance of hitting a target. How it does this is listed in the G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. rules. Here are some extra considerations. Please note that these are unofficial and came about quite off the cuff, but they seem to work.


Fire – nasty business. Try to avoid it if at all possible. Scares the animals, what? Some terrain items may be set aflame, and the fire will spread to other areas or structures at the beginning of each turn if they fail their Saves. Possible Saves: wood - 8, straw - 4. For each turn any figure is in a burning structure it must Save or be removed from game.

Lakes & Seas: The 3” closest to shore is treated as a shallow river, from 3” to 6” counts as a deep river (see Rivers, below). Beyond 6” it is too deep for any contraption without a Sail stat, and will automatically sink. The crew may Save to abandon the doomed contraption and are now at the mercy of the unforgiving sea. Any non-marine creature or unit out in deep water may move at Ό movement, but must make a Save roll every time their Action Card is drawn or they drown and are removed from game.

Note: any land contraption (lacking a Sail stat) that spends an entire turn (its Action Card) stationary in water is automatically Stalled, and must make a START roll to exit the river, lake, or sea on its next activation.

Large (or Extra Large), Dead Bodies – the carcasses of large and very large creatures may be hidden behind as hard cover and will block Line of Site.

Lava – any figure that comes into contact with lava is removed from game. No Saves allowed. Nasty stuff, what?

Quicksand – that perennial adventure yarn favorite! Any figure may roll under its Save (Extras get the legendary Save of 8) to escape it, otherwise it slowly sinks to its demise and is removed from game on it’s next Action card. This gives the victim a chance to be saved by other characters/figures. Any victim may be rescued by other figures not trapped in the quicksand by rolling under the best Save stat for those attempting the rescuer with a bonus of –1 to the roll for each additional rescuer. If all are Extras, the start with a Save of 8. 

Rivers: Infantry, cavalry and small to medium animals may cross a shallow river at ½ movement. If a deep river, then Ό movement and make a Save roll or drown (and removed from game) for each figure making the attempt. Large and Very Large creatures along with large, walker-type contraptions may ford deep rivers at ½ movement and move without penalty across shallow rivers. All other land contraptions may only attempt to cross shallow rivers, move at ½ movement and must make a SUSTAIN roll to exit, or it’s stuck until next Action Card where it may try to START to exit river. Naturally, any flying or nautical contraptions are unaffected by all this.

Smoke – blocks LoS. 

Steam Vents/Geysers – Roll a D20 at the beginning of each turn or when you draw the Event Card. On a roll of 1, 2 or 3: any exposed figure or crew within 2” of that terrain piece will be scalded for 1 Hit. Save as applicable. Enclosed contraptions are immune. 

Swamp – Impassable to land-bound contraptions, and any that enter it are permanently Stalled until towed from the muck and spend an entire turn being cleaned. All other land figures are reduced to ½ Speed and must Save (Extras get a Save of 8) at the end of an Action or become stuck on their next Action Card. To become unstuck takes an entire Action.

Tar Pits – any figure that enters one is trapped, and removed from game on its next Action card. No Saves, no exceptions. Any victim may be rescued by other figures not trapped in the tar pits by rolling under the best Save stat for those attempting the rescuer with a bonus of –1 to the roll for each additional rescuer. If all are Extras, then start with a Save of 8. Contraptions that are too large to sink are stuck until the end of the game.

Wind - strong winds will push flying vehicles and aerial animals around. Randomly pick a direction at the beginning of each turn. At the end of any flyer’s activation, move the victim 1D6” in that direction. True skycaptains will know how to take advantage of this. Strong winds will also half the effective ranges of bows, spears and thrown stuff. More technologically advanced weapons will have a +2 penalty to their Shoot rolls at long range due billowing dust.


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