This is another set of optional house rules that are not official G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. by 
any stretch of the imagination. Feel free to use the bits that work and leave the rest.

Zombies may be used as player controlled forces or as a scenario complication.
There's always a pesky, native bone-waver or cursed item causing some mischief. 
 Rescue the downed airship which crashed in the middle of a long-abandoned burial ground. 
Local witchdoctor has had enough of the foreign, corrupting influences of the colonists. 
Ancient, grotesque idol give cultists bizarre powers.
ere are some ideas on how to bring the shambling dead into your games!



Basic Zombie Rules

1) All zombies automatically pass any Morale Check, even to charge into a Scuffle. They're already dead; what more can you do to them? Revoke their membership to the club?

2) All zombies can tell the difference between other zombies and potential food, so a zombie will not attack another zombie unless directed to do so by its controller.

3) Any Extras or Main Character Scuffling with a zombie will have a +1 penalty to it's Morale Check roll. Cavalry will be at a +2 penalty as mobile cadavers spook the mounts. The crew of armored (enclosed) Contraptions are unaffected, though exposed crew still have the +1 penalty.

4) Like Extras, zombies get a generic Save of 8 for all things not relating to combat. 

5) Zombies do not get a Save when either shot or scuffled against. However, as they are deucedly hard to kill, all attacks against them are at 1/2 what they would normally be. This makes all long range shots at under 1/4 the attacker's Shoot, short range under 1/2 Shoot, and all Scuffle rolls under 1/2, as well.

6) All zombies are highly flammable. Yes, even freshly animated kills. Any attack with a flamethrower or other like weapon is an automatic success. The problem is that the zombie will not collapse to the ground until its activation on the following turn. It will act as normal until then, oblivious to the conflagration. Any figure in base-to-base contact with a burning zombie must make a Save or take one point of damage.

7) Zombie figures should not get the armor & shield bonus. They're hard enough to kill as is.



What Type of Zombie?

Are they fast or slow? Can they use tools or weapons? Are they feral, or under control of some malevolent being? Zombies could also be plague victims, under the influence of some dire curse, or simply controlled by the Elder Gods. Combine the traits below to fine tune your undead.



Dumb: This type of zombie will move the shortest, most direct route to its next meal, even if it means walking through deep water, quicksand, tar pits, lava, etc. They won't walk off a cliff, but they won't walk around a fence, either. They will smash doors & widows to get at their intended victims IF said intended victims are making their presence know. Once line-of-sight is lost, the zombie will commence wandering aimlessly around the table. Incapable of using tools or weapons, or unlocking doors, though they can smash through them.

Clever: Can open doors, climb through windows, use stairs, bridges, etc. Loss of LOS will not deter the zombie. However, if another target does appear, the zombie will chase after that one, instead.

Smart: Able to use tools & weapons, reposition ladders, operate machinery, program a VCR, etc. They're regular Extras that are very hard to kill.


Who's In Charge, Here?

Controlled: These zombies are being commanded by some other intelligence, and as such may behave like a unit of regular Extras except where noted above. Controlled "dumb" zombies will behave like Clever zombies, while Clever zombies will act as Smart ones. If for any reason they fall out of control, the zombies will revert to their "natural" state.

Feral: No controller. They wander about looking for their next kill. Each zombie (or pack of zombies) will move in a random direction on their activation until they are within line-of-sight of potential food. Once LOS is obtained, they will move towards the nearest target.


Left, Right, Left; the Boys Are Shaaaaambling ...

Fast: They move at 6" and get the +1D6"  charge bonus.

Slow: They move at 6", but do not get the charge bonus.



Feeders: They kill to eat. Any successful kill by a zombie will cause it (and any other zombie participating in that particular Scuffle) to spend the next turn in base to base contact with the slain figure. They may resume normal activities after the repast on the following turn. This could also represent the implantation of an egg or larva into the victim.

Killers: These zombies kill for reasons of their own. They do not spend the next turn feeding.



Infectious: For any figure removed from play by a zombie attack, roll a D20. If the roll was under 11, then replace the removed figure with a zombie. This new zombie is under the control of the zombie's player (or umpire, if scenario driven) with the same stats as the attacker zombie.  



Closing Thoughts

Large numbers of zombie figures can be grouped into manageable units.
They don't have to be composed of 10 or more figures because Morale Checks are not needed.
Entire groups can roll as one unit for random movement rolls.
Remember that no more than 3 figures may enter base to base contact with any other figure.  


Early Evening of the Improperly Dead
Shoot: 6  Scuffle: 10 Move: 6" 
Notes: Zombies, Dumb, Feral, Slow, Feeder, Infectious.

An ancient artifact has been unearthed in the brush far away and brought to the outpost. The legends say it's cursed. Poppycock! Say, did you hear something, old boy? It sounded like moaning. Probably the wind...


Venusian Mind Borer Victims 
Possessed Humans
Shoot: 8  Scuffle: 9 Move: 6"
Notes: Treat as Zombies, Clever, Controlled, Slow, Feeder, Infectious.

Nasty little bug the tourism bureau doesn't talk about much. They set up residence in the brain, and control the hosts to protect the "queen".


Eternal Guard of Pharaoh Binkihotep
Shoot: 9  Scuffle: 10 Move: 6" / +1D6"
Weapon SR" LR" Hits SRM Reload
Spears 6 12 1 N/A No
Notes: Treat as Zombies, Smart, Fast, Killers. 

The Pharaoh Binkihotep has rested undisturbed for ages, until those darned adventures decided to open the crypt. Now the blasphemers  must pay with their lives. Time to wake the troops.


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