Powered Frames!
Steam Powered Landmates!

An Ambulatory Assault Powered Frame. The industrial chainsaw was useful for removing obstacles or engaging  armored opponents in close combat. The rotary gun was standard armament.

This is a BATTLESUIT figure by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, standing next to the lovely Laura Krupp! Aside from the base, no modifications were needed. A useful feature of the figure is that the weapons are cast separately and come with a small variety to choose from, or make your own. Arm it as you see fit.

The Same Figure Modified! 

A third arm was mounted on the back so a harpoon launcher could be added. The steam hose is everyday copper wire, which was primed black and painted copper. 

This was the prototype of a powered frame contraption planned for a U.S. Marine Corps VSF unit circa 1890. A rocket launcher or auto-loading cannon would replace the harpoon launcher.

And Here It is Painted! 

Intended as a dinosaur hunting powered frame. My, those raptors look hungry.




Powered Frames



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