Mad Science in Motion!

The Electro-Galvanic Industrial Aerator with  Electrostatic Livestock Motivator!

The wheel was from a toy wheelbarrow found in a dollar store. The discharge towers were made from craft beads on metal rods. The purple electrical display arcing between them is courtesy of a "pod racer" model.

Reconnaissance Zeppelin in Service of the Kaiser! Heavy machineguns mounted in the side sponsons.

The first of hopefully many zeppelins. Gas bag was made from three small soda bottles forced end to end and filled with expanding insulation foam. "Legs" were wire coat hangers cut to size. Fins & gondola were plastic card & flight bases as propeller disks. Special thanks to Major General Tremorden Rederring's Colonial-era Wargaming Page for the how-to.

Another View of the Reconnaissance Zeppelin!

This shot shows a bit more detail of the gondola. The "ribs" were fabricated from polystyrene half rods glued straight to the bottles after the foam had fully cured. They make a nice visual cue to differentiate rigid frame airships from blimps.




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