Legged Engines of Exploration & Battle!

    The Safari Walker: an Ideal Platform from Which to Hunt Dinosaurs! Unprotected observation platform, exposed main deck and no armaments whatsoever. Re-christened the "Steam-Powered Snack Tray" by those who crewed it. Raptors are very clever.

Front / Back. This was the first walker project. Old toy for the legs as well as the source for the boiler. A 100-count plastic card box for the base of the carriage, the rest built up with plastic card. Rivets are plastic rod.

Inside Aft View of the Safari Walker!

Chain railing for the observation deck. The  rivets are easier to see in this shot. Control panel is a plastic, 1/72 scale 55 gallon drum cut in half and glued to the inside wall. A few holes were drilled and some short lengths of plastic rod glued into those for the levers. Same trick with the rungs on the mast. Gauges are cross-sections of plastic rod.

A German Experimental Scouting Walker! A medium machinegun in the nose with a cluster of rocket pods mounted on each side.

It's amazing what one can do with an old toy and the cap to a deodorant dispenser. Rivets were plastic rod glued into holes drilled into the model's surface. Rockets were larger plastic rod shoved unceremoniously into a old, manual pencil sharpener, then sanded down.

A German Armored Troop Transport! Medium machinegun in turret, boarding gate covers the front access hatch.

Would you believe it started off as a 350-count plastic card storage box? The turret is a length of PVC pipe. Lots and lots of drilled 'n' fitted rivets. And, yes, the boarding gate is functional.

A German Heavy Assault Walker! Medium machinegun in the bow and a light artillery piece in the turret.

Toy base (yes, they were deeply discounted after the Wild Wild West movie left the theaters) with a PCV plumbing pipe hull and a DreamPod9 turret. These rivets were are from a slightly larger plastic rod and are just glued straight to the surface of the model without first drilling a hole to set them in. Big time saver!

Behold the Mighty Japanese Imperial Daitetsujin !

An as of yet unmodified toy from the Sakura Wars 2 line of figures. It stands roughly 7" / 18cm tall and is plastic, not vinyl, so converting it into a colossus shouldn't be to hard. Add some scale guns & paint. The toughest part is going to be finding or making the Seal of the Emperor on its bow. 





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