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Frequently Asked Questions
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Yet another set of starship combat rules?

A: Sunder the Stars is not a starship dueling game (though it could be used as one) but a starship task force and fleet combat game where each ship and how it is used is still important without micromanaging an energy distribution system akin to filling out a tax form every turn.

Hexes for movement AND square firing arcs?

A: This allows transition from hex mats to open table without having to convert the ships' stats. If there is a problem playing with hex movement and the square firing arcs, then play on an open table with terrain and leave the hex mat aside.

Will there be a fleet sheet for "Z" race from "W" book/TV show/movie?

A: Not likely. But feel free to use the ship and fleet construction rules to do so, yourself, then post it on your blog or website and send me a link to it.

The ships are too slow!

A: Double the move points.

The weapon's ranges are too short!

 A: Double the ranges and effects of all the weapons. This includes point defense and any explosions.

The ships aren't shooty enough!

A: Double the spaces available for each hull size.

StS doesn't have my favorite weapon/system/doohickey/technobabble!

A: Sorry. But if you come up with a working solution, please post it on your blog or website and send me a link to it.

It's not in 3-D?

A: No. Nor does the game require the summing of velocities. There are rules already available that take relative elevations in regard to the plane of the ecliptic and the conservation of motion into account. Sunder the Stars makes a nod to the 3-D nature of space combat by not having anything smaller than a moon block Line of Sight.

Why isn't StS "HARD" sci-fi?

A: Again, there are games out there that already do that. The easiest way of eliminating the "cinematic" elements of the StS is to not use any fighters, fusion weapons, drones, or the optional shield settings rules.


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