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Works In Progress!
These are ideas that have yet to be officially implemented.


Screening ships

Small ships assigned to escort duty could "leap in the way" of an attack that targets their assigned large ship AND travels through that escort's hex/space. In effect, the escort becomes an ablative defensive screen, taking the damage so that the large ship could last longer. The attacks would, at that point, be rolled against the escort's DV. It would be a trade off, since the smaller ships can't take advantage of their superior mobility while escorting the larger, slower vessels. This would be an optional rule.

Point defense effectiveness vs. terrain

Even point defense has its limits. PD has a 2 hex/4" range beyond the ship, not only able to shoot down attacks directed at it, but also those targeting neighboring ships or when the attack passes through its area of effect. But that's in open space. What about if the ship is next to a planet or inside an asteroid field?

Point Defense Effectiveness Vs. Terrain
Terrain Type Effect
Gas clouds None.
Dust clouds Limit the range of PD to one hex/2".
Asteroid fields Limit PD to only working against any attacks that enter the ship's hex/space. Possibly only hitting on a roll of "6", though that may be a bit much.
Really big objects like moons, planets, etc. PD may cover the nearest hex of object, but may not extend beyond or through it.


Ships in orbit around a moon or planet spend MP or travel from one hex/space to the next around it, but not for any of the turns that would normally be needed to maintain a circular course. The ship would automatically face the next hex/space in its orbit. This type of movement would count as a turn, so the +1 to target penalty would not apply.


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