Welcome to Al's Complete & Utter Waste of Time!

This is a vanity site.
There, it was said! Hah! And how many other online excursions greet you with such candor?  Its purpose is to display some of the author's adventure gaming related hobbies which revolve around that odd yet enjoyable portion involving miniatures. There is also a collection of some pertinent online resources. Hopefully, the links and photos within will prove -at the very least- an amusing distraction, if not necessarily useful. 

Please choose from the offerings below.

Rivets & Steam!

Victorian Science Fiction 
Adventure Gaming in Miniature!

Horror Ecliptic

Sci fi and horror adventure gaming...
 in miniature!

Feasting Ravens

Dark Ages and Heroic Fantasy Skirmish 
Gaming Using 28mm Scale Miniatures.


Strange bits, odds and ends,  things that do not readily fit  into other parts
 of the site nor necessarily have anything to do with adventure gaming.

 Frag-o-rama !

Casey Garske's First-Person Shooter 
Game Using 28mm Figures & Terrain.


A Fansite for Lloyd Krassner's Meka Tac.


Space Fleet Combat in Miniature.

* Updates will be sporadic, eclectic and chaotic! Promise! *
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