Recommended Reading List:

Title: Cornwall Railroad

Author: James W. Kercher

Copyright 1970 The Lebanon County Historical Society

Description: The best information on the Cornwall RR. However, the book is out of print and getting difficult to find. As you can see from the cover of my copy of the book, it is very good. I especially like the Anecdotes from a Cornwall Station Agent by Robert A. Arnold, Sr. A brief description of the concentrator plants is given by Bernard J. Larpenteur that includes 1959 photos by Jay Angelo of the Concentrator in West Lebanon.

Title: Railroads of Lebanon County

Authors: Donald L. Rhodes, Jr. and Robert A. Heilman

Copyright 2000 Lebanon County Historical Society

Description: Very good information on all the railroads in Lebanon. I can't tell you how valuable this book has been to me. It will soon look like my copy of my Kercher book.

The Cornwall & Lebanon Railroad paralleled the Cornwall Railroad from Cornwall to Lebanon on the east side of the Corny's right of way. Information on the Cornwall & Lebanon (C&L) was sketchy at best until this book was release in 2000. This book answered a lot of my questions I had about the C&L and many more that I had about other Lebanon County Railroads.

Title: A Colorful Look at: Selected Pennsylvania Shortlines

Author: Gerard Bernet

Copyright 2003 by RAE Publishing Inc.

Description: Fabulous color photography makes this a must own. A really good shot of engines14 and 12 pulling a loaded cut of B&O (Baltimore and Ohio) hoppers from the Cornwall concentrator grace a page of this wonderful book. The photo of 14 and 12 also includes a good shot of the number 4 mine head on page 24. Page 20 has a great shot of engine 122 and caboose 900 in Cornwall, and mine head number 3 and stacker are visible in the background. The book also has a shot of the iron bridge in Cornwall and another one taken from the bridge.

Title: Pennsylvania Short Lines In Color Volume One

Author: Gary R. Carlson

Copyright 2003 Morning Sun Books, Inc.

Description: The book has very nice and compact information on the Cornwall Railroad. Mr. Carlson did a good job finding the color photos for this book. I have all three photos contained on page 59, but I do not have the captions. Two of the shots on page 59 are from Bob's Photo's, and they didn't print all the color ones Bob's Photos has. My guess is they only had a limited amount of space for each railroad. Many of the photos are from the shop area or close by. My favorite is the shot of engine 121 on page 58 with the blistered paint on the stacks. A close second is the photo on page 57 of steam engine 15 near the Lebanon Concentrator. It is another good book to add to a Cornwall Railroad enthusiast library.

Title: Cornwall The People and Culture of an Industrial Camelot 1890-1980

Author: Carl Oblinger

Copyright 1984 (ISBN 0-89271-028-4)

Description: First hand accounts of life in and around the Cornwall Mines. Very good information on the later years and on the underground mines. Mr. Robert A. Arnold, Sr is also in this book and tells some more stories not in the Cornwall RR book.

Title: The Funny Side of Mining

Author: David Anspach

Description: Excellent source of information on the Concentrator plant in Lebanon. It also has accounts of the Grace Mine. It lives up to its title.

Title: Lebanon County: A Post Card History

Compiled and Edited by: Donald R. Brown, Chairman; Robert A. Heilman, Henry C. Westenberger

Copyright 1992 Lebanon County Historical Society

Description: Great photos of the Cornwall Mines, stations, and other notable structures grace the pages of this fine book.