Non-Revenue Equipment for the Cornwall Railroad

Information compiled by James A. Mattern

The Cornwall owned some equipment that I know of thru the various research I have done. The people I have met have been kind enough to let me see their collections of photos and memorblia that hasn't been published in any book. However, it is time to make those interested aware of the non-revenue equipment the Cornwall Railroad owned. For those that have the recommended reading books, you already have seen photos, but may not have this infomation.

Steam Crane (Unknown Number no Photos published)

I saw a photo and the whistle from this equipment while viewing the James W. Kercher collection. The photo was taken on the same night #15 wrecked in 1942. It was used to lift #15. There was another photo of the side of the crane, but I can't remember if there were any markings such as CRR, or a number. Sorry, I don't have any photos to show. If you're into model railroading in HO scale, Tichy crane is close to what I saw, but the model is slightly oversized for what I remember seeing.

Sprayer Weed Control (Unkown Number)

I've seen many photos of this device. See Railroads of Lebanon County by Donald L. Rhoads Jr. and Robert A. Heilman page 85 for photo.

Track Speeder 5

See Railroads of Lebanon County by Donald L. Rhoads Jr. and Robert A. Heilman page 85 Cornwall Railroad by James W. Kercher page 116.

Caboose List and Releated info.

Caboose Number
Former RDG Number
4 Wheel
4 Wheel
4 Wheel
4 Wheel


Caboose 900 & 901

(The following was a HO scale modeling project that I completed in April 2005. I don't own any photos that I may publish of these caboose, so my models will have to do.)

The project was originally for only 900, but since 901 is the same in every detail except the number, I decided to combine the projects. I've been doing research on Cornwall 900 and 901 using John W. Hall's book Reading Company Cabooses. The book shows that on February 8, 1954 Reading NMd class numbers 90733 (CWL 901) and 90737 (CWL 900) were sold to the Cornwall for $600.00 each. This particular class had one 14" round window in one end of the caboose to let light into closet that contained the toilet. A toolbox on the bottom, along with Taylor trucks, and wooden walkways were characteristics unique to this class. Other features are discussed in the book, along with detailed drawings and photos make this a must have when building Cornwall cabooses. The best part of this is that one can still do field research on 900, which resides in NJ on the Black River and Western RR as their number 200. Unfortunately, I don't have time to make the trip, so I'll be relying on John's excellent research.

I've completed work on two Life-Like Proto 2000 Northeastern Style Cabooses. I know the under frame is wrong for this class and a myriad of other 'rivet counter' details, but I feel that this is an excellent model to kit bash into Cornwall railroad equipment. I discovered the end handrails and brake wheels don't match the prototype. See photos in A Colorful Look at: Selected Pennsylvania Shortlines by Gerard Bernet. Will make some modifications to better match the prototype. The following is a list of what I've done: