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Updated August 2, 2006

Lebanon Concentrator Plant:

Recently, I have been viewing material on the Lebanon Concentrator plant. Here are the shots I've been studying. Please, excuse the poor quality of some of the photos since some are photocopies and web space is limited. Photos are from the 1950's (Photos courtesy of Nick Kulp).

Concy 1

Concy 2

Concy 3

Concy 4

Concy 5


Cornwall 15 (2-8-0) on the point of the very first Reading Railroad (RDG) Rail Ramble through Cornwall. The location of this photo is in Cornwall not too far from the famous iron furnace which the passengers did tour. Below the photo of the very first Reading Rail Ramble is a present day photo of the same location. The building to the right of the train is still standing to this day (Unknown use and can't tell since the building is fenced off). The ore bin building behind the building is also still there, but no longer serves as an ore storage facility. The Reading engine is a RDG class G2-sa engine number 178 in semi-streamline version. Photo of the very first Reading Rail Ramble was taken Sunday October 4, 1936. The trip was sponsored by the National Railway Historical Society and carried around 500 passengers on an 11 hour trip. More information about this trip can be obtained by reading the Reading - Jersey Central Magazine Volume 1 November 1936 No. 6 Compiled and Indexed by Benjamin L. Bernhart, Copyright 2005 Outer Station Project.


Above photos are from my collection