122 on the Lebanon yard lead at West Lebanon a.k.a. 'Slag'. Concentrator tracks in the foreground. This photo is trying to recreate the image of the prototype, shown on the right, which inspired this model of 122.(Nick Kulp)
April 1961 122 working at the concentrator plant in West Lebanon.(Prototype Photo)
122's crew has shown up for another days work on the Cornwall Railroad. (James Mattern)

I hope that crew member on 122 got his refreshment from Mattern's Tavern, which can be seen up on the hill in the background. I love when the rail crews visit my establishment, although the superintendent frowns on it. I wonder if that's really water in that water cooler.

The differences between my locomotives can be observed in this photo. (James Mattern)

122 working hard in West Lebanon at the concentrator plant. (James Mattern)
The mock-up for the concentrator and the track arrangement can be seen in this photo. A ramp will be built from the switch seen in the lower left up to the door opening in the model. Area is still in the design phase. (James Mattern)
(James Mattern)
(James Mattern)
Nick Kulp was gracious enough to lend me his camera to take photos of my Cornwall engines on his layout. I thought I'd shoot them at my next project, a model of a concentrator plant. Even Nick had to take a photo. Photographer's name is in parentheses.

Posted: September 12, 2004. Model Photos taken September 11, 2004.