Project Updates:

This page is intended to give visitors an idea of where I am with Cornwall projects that I have listed on the modeling page. Progress on these projects are slow, but the results are worth the extra time I take to research these projects. Hopefully, those interest in the Cornwall RR will appreciate my effort to recreate the Cornwall RR in HO scale.

Diesel Engines 100, 101, 120, 121, 122 (early 1950's version)

Thanks to the Broadway Limited Switchers, I've got an excuse to build sound equipped Cornwall power.

Original paint.(Aluminum Handrails)SW7 all will have script.

100 and 101 were SW7s, but renumbered 120 and 122 sometime after 122 arrived in 1950.

See loco roster for more prototype info.

New Home Layout (Expect Benchwork to be in place 2017):

This is the plan I came up with that I liked. Even with this generous amount of space, I had difficulty fitting things exactly the way they were arranged on the prototype. Donaghmore yard will serve as the interchange point with the PRR and RDG with a few online industries to offer up some variety in traffic. The hot spot will be around the shop area. The shop itself will be a beehive of activity since I have them knocking out eleven freshly shopped cars during a session. The concentrator operator will be very busy getting things concentrated ore ready for Reading's Bethlehem star HB4 while also feeding the concentrator with raw ore. I hope to keep three crews busy during an op session with one dispatcher to keep them from running into each other. The plan has changed a bit from the version shown, but it follows the general layout of this plan.

Concentrator for Nick Kulp (Effectively ON HOLD)

Things are changing again on Nick's Cornwall Railroad. The new layout proved too much for Nick to tackle and maintain on his own, so he is going through another major layout change to use even less of his basement. A little bit un model railroader like (most want to cover almost all their available space with trains), but he wants something he can handle on his own, and I respect that. Nick is known for changing things, and I don't harbor any hard feeling for discontinuing a plan I came up with. I knew it was big and wanted to see if he, our friends, and I could build it. It proved too much, and now Nick is back to square one.

After considering if I should press on with this project, I have decided that this thing has been on the back burner for some time and that is where it is going to stay a low priority project. If Nick does get rolling on his new layout, I will be more inclined to work on it.


Diesel Engines 14, 12, and 16


Project was started in 1999 and is about 50% complete. After looking at scale drawing of an SW1, I found out that Canon and Company cab rear sandbox/battery box is great for EMD NW2, SW7, SW900, and SW1200, but too long for an SW1. The cabs have to be broken apart from the sand boxes, and the sand boxes have to be sanded down to match the prototype. Lights have to be added to the MU stands, custom handrails and water cooler holders have to be made to complete the detailing stage of this project.


Other Projects:

I’m also a member of the Stiegel Valley Model Railroad Club and serve head electrician. The list here is also growing as the old electrical system is giving me problems and must be replaced. Scheduled replacement for current electrical system is sometime in the future.

Posted: June 24, 2004 Updated June 6, 2010