Brief History on The Cornwall Railroad (click here for more info)

The railroad was started in 1850 by William Coleman who formed a partnership with George Dawson Coleman and created the North Lebanon Railroad Company (Rhoads/Heilman 2000). In 1870 the name was changed to the Cornwall Railroad Company (Kercher 1969). It had a long and prosperous existence until the concentrator plant was moved from Lebanon to Cornwall Pennsylvania in 1962 (Kercher 1969). This move caused raw iron ore traffic to dry up, and the Cornwall Railroad lost its number one source of revenue. In 1964 the Reading Railroad took over operation and leased the line until 1968 when they bought it from Bethlehem Steel. (Dates are from Kercher 1969).

Location: (Ran from Lebanon, PA to Mount Hope, PA) Total miles operated 13.


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