Nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, a small railroad named Cornwall served the citizens of Lancaster and Lebanon counties for over one hundred years. It was a small and rich iron ore hauler that brought raw ore from the famous Cornwall Mines to Lebanon where it was processed, refined, and shipped to local blast furnaces. Many of the young at heart can remember the days riding the Corny (local nickname for the railroad) as a kid to Penryn Park on a Sunday afternoon for a picnic or to ride the whip. Yet, today the chuff of a steam engine or the rumble of a diesel locomotive can no longer be heard working the Cornwall mines or venturing to Penryn Park. What is left is only the quite decay of Mother Nature and mankind taking over what once was a great industry.

Thankfully, the Cornwall will not be forgotten. The Lebanon County Historical Society has the best collection of Cornwall related artifacts and information and will continue to preserve and protect these precious memories. Other articles are in private collections and are also cherished and hopefully preserved for future generations. Sometimes finding this information is like searching for a precious pearl, but it is out there.

It is my hope that I will find those prized pearls of information on the Cornwall Railroad, so I may share this information with those that are interested. This has been my hobby for over fifteen years and everyday I find something new that I didn’t know before. If you have any info on the Cornwall, Cornwall & Lebanon, or any of the railroads that served Lebanon and Lancaster Counties, and would like to share it with the world, email me cornwallrrnut (questions may also be sent to this address). Any railroad information is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, to all who have shared their information.

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