October 17, 2019
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Nature Activities of Organizations in Berks County, Pennsylvania
This site contains information about programs, field trips, exhibits, and organizations relating to natural history in and around Berks County, Pennsylvania. Programs and events are open to the public.
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Don't Forget Other Great Local Sources for Natural History listed below

Pike-Oley-District Preservation Coalition
October 20, 2019      Sunday 2-4 PM.
"Climate Change" by Rick Jensen. If you hunt, fish, camp, hike or enjoy the outdoors; vacation at the shore, lakes, mountains, National and State Parks; rely on low food prices or garden then understanding climate change is crucial for the protection your family lifestyle and finances. Climate change is scientific fact. We hear about it and see the effects almost every day. Understand how trillions of dollars budgeted by overseas countries, US states and cities limit climate change and protects us. Rick Jensen has followed climate change for 45 years as an engineer both here in the United States and overseas. All welcome. Free.
Held at the District Township Building, 202 Weil Road, Boyertown, PA 19512. At the intersection of Landis Store Rd and Weil Rd about 1 mile south of Landis Store and about 2 miles north of Hill church.
Mengel Natural History Society
October 25, 2019      Friday 7:30 PM.
"Susquehanna River - Past Present & Future" by Don Williams. Through the eyes of a river advocate who has studied and helped protect and promote the River for more than 40 years, Don will discuss through pictures and storytelling the geology, early exploration, and legend and lore of this ancient river which has flowed 444 miles for over 300 million years. The program will be followed by our Fall Seed Exchange and Giveaway. All welcome. Free.
Held at the Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center, on PA-625 2 miles south of PA-724. 2910 New Holland Road, Reading, PA.
Check out the Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center Facebook page. Like and follow Nolde to keep up with Nolde Center news and new program offerings.
Mengel Natural History Society

--> Charter Bus Trip to Washington, DC to visit the National Museum of Natural History <-- (part of the Smithsonian) and nearby sites. Saturday, November 2, 2019
Leaving Boscov's East at 7:00 AM and returning about 8:00 PM.
This trip is open to non-members. Cost is $45 (same as members) which covers the bus cost. All museums are free. Bus drop off and pick-up in Washington is at the National Museum of Natural History.
Details and contact information for registration. Their last trip was in 2014.

November 12, 2019                   TUESDAY 7:30 PM
"Mines and Minerals of Montgomery County" by Ron Sloto. Joint meeting with the Berks Mineralogical Society who will host. Ron is an honorary professor at West Chester University and curator of their Mineral collection. His background includes more than 40 years as a hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey. He has published the popular Mines and Minerals of Berks County and Mines and Minerals of Chester County, as well as more than 80 technical and scientific papers and books.
Held at the Auditorium of the Reading Public Museum All welcome. Free.

The SPOTTED LANTERNFLY (Lycorma delicatula)
What to do if you Find the Spotted Lanternfly on your Property.

This insect (a plant hopper native to SE Asia) was discovered for the first time in North America in September 2014. It is a potential threat to an array of plants from herbaceous plants to trees, not only locally, but for the continent.

How many food
calories in a gallon of
Most of us know how many food calories an adult needs per day, so in the debate over making ethanol from corn to replace gasoline, wouldn't it be nice to know how many food calories there are in a gallon of gasoline? Can you skip breakfast and drive to work on the energy you didn't eat?
The answer is: the number of food calories in a gallon of gasoline is 31,500
For most adults this is the energy in about two weeks of food.
YOU can calculate this. How to calculate page.
Butterfly Enthusiasts
There is a small informal group of local butterfly collectors/observers in Berks Co. If you are interested in butterflies and would like to meet this group, contact. You are also invited to the butterfly walks found at the link at the top of the page.
You may contact the web master at the same address.
Other Great Local Sources for Natural History Activities and Information
Jack's Backyard, hosted by Jack Holcomb, on Saturdays at 8 to 10 am on WEEU, 830 AM, announces natural history activities at 8 am followed by 2 hours of call-ins and interviews about natural history. Rebroadcast on Sunday nights 10:00 p.m. to midnight.

Outside by Mike Slater is a nature column which appears weekly in the Berks Country insert of the Wednesday Reading Eagle.

The Weekend section of the Thursday issue of the Reading Eagle includes a "To Do" list which includes natural history activities. 

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