Mengel Natural History Society

Hello Everyone,

I'm delighted to let you know that the predicted weather conditions for SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24 are conducive for migration (temperatures above 40 F, cover of darkness, steady showers/rain). Hopefully the amphibians will be as "excited" to move as we are to see them do so! Movement has been occurring since Feb. 14 (how apropos!) but it has been relatively light so we expect it to continue.

We will plan to run our operation between the hours of 6:00 - 11:00pm. You are welcome to participate even if it is for just a portion of the evening.

Please note: The onset of high winds, lightning or other hazardous-to-human weather conditions immediately ends our operation. If these conditions begin you are to the headquarters building as soon as possible to return your gear and check out.

On migration nights you are reminded to do the following:

1. Check in at the French Creek State Park Headquarter lobby (located on Park Road) to sign in, pick up a reflective safety vest and a data collection sheet. For "First Timers" we will provide a "crash course" on the identification of the amphibians, proper methods of moving them across the road, and data collection.

2. Wear warm, rainproof clothing.

3. Bring flashlights that have fresh batteries

4. Don't wear heavy perfumes or lotions as these can be absorbed through the amphibians' skin.

5. NEVER attempt to direct, slow or stop traffic. When you see vehicles coming get several feet off the road. DO NOT ATTEMPT a last ditch effort to save any critter when you see a vehicle coming. You do not want to startle drivers by running out in front of them to rescue a toad or salamander. as that could result in them losing control of their car and swerving.

6. ALWAYS put your own safety, and that of others - whether they are on foot or driving - first.

7. If you are bringing children it is recommended that you work along South Entrance Road as it is barricaded from traffic on both ends. BE AWARE, though, that there have been instances that drivers disregarded the barricades and drove the road.

8. Cell phone coverage is very spotty in the park.

All volunteers are asked to complete the Conservation Volunteer form. It is available online at: If you have filled this out in the past, you do not need to do so again.

Sally Rally t-shirt samples will be on display and may be ordered on migration nights or via email to me.

Welcome spring by joining us in "Helping the Herps"!

Directions to French Creek State Park