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About the Kisatchie National Forest

The Kisatchie National Forest is located in Louisiana. The forest is divided into six districts. They are:
1) The Evangeline District
2) The Vernon District
3) The Catahoula District
4) The Kisatchie District
5) The Winn District
6) The Caney District

Most of the collections and pictures we have are from the Evangeline District. This district has a number of different habitats. They include: long-leaf pine, mixed hardwoods, beech-magnolia, seeps, and riparian zones. All in all, a little bit of everything. The Wild Azalea Seep and Wild Azalea Trail are part of the Evageline District. The seep contains a number of rare and endangered orchids, bog moss and other endemics. We find an interesting and constant array of fungi throughout the district.

We are grateful for the cooperation and assistance provided by the US Forest Service personnel in our area. We appreciate the free hand we have been given to conduct our research in a forest where the fungal diversity is greater than its documentation.

A look at the Evangeline District

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