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When I sell a Saturn and something breaks, I feel my customer’s pain and frustration, especially if it occurs early in the morning and it is cold. Fortunately, for me and for you I have my own repair facility at my Manheim location. Unlike most dealers in my position, I do not view my shop as a profit center. I have a shop and an excellent mechanic for 2 reason: (1) It costs me less to get my cars ready for resale. And because I think like a customer, (2) It enables me to save my customers a lot of money if and when something breaks or wears-out. We fix things very inexpensively, if you bought your Saturn from Manheim Auto Sales & Service, Inc..

Many used car dealers do not have a repair shop. With no shop and equipment, even if they wanted to, and that is the key phrase, they could not do for their customers what I am able and willing to do for mine. I’m sure you will agree, when buying a used car, service after the sale is paramount. In today’s world, even the little parts can cost you hundreds of dollars.

My warranty on every vehicle I sell is in effect as long as you own the vehicle. In other words, for any mechanical part that breaks or wears out, you pay $30 less per hour than our regular retail rate, currently $45 per hour ($30 discount off $75). In order to benefit from the low cost labor, the work must be performed at our Manheim location. This is a free in-house warranty. There are no deductibles to deal with and it is not necessary to maintain records to keep this warranty in force. If you choose to go elsewhere for oil changes and PA Inspections thatís ok too.

In short, we believe the Saturn we are selling you is in good working order and not just a clean looking piece of junk. You can be assured that we are not aware of any problem areas. As we know, things can happen and if something does, our warranty will provide you with the peace-of-mind that I would expect if I were in your shoes.

My promise to you and all of my customers; If you purchase a Saturn from me and it breaks I will do everything possible to keep your repair as low as possible. You will never leave my repair shop, feeling that you were taken for a ride. If you know what I mean!


Keith A. Shaffer