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An early, if not the first, demonstration CD-4 dating from the systems debut in September 1970

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Welcome fellow collectors,

My purpose here is to propose and encourage trading in order to further our mutual quad collections.  A bit of background information about my quad history.  I have been enthused about Quad since 1971.  That was when I first heard a demonstration via RCA’s QUAD-8 tapes.  Since then, I have branched out into all quadraphonic formats, both disc and tape.  I have no interest in the new formats however.  I do not collect nor own any of the new CD or DVD based formats.  I am strictly interested in the “old” original Quad, and actual items only, not copies or dubs.  My collection of CD-4 LPs is quite possibly the largest in the world.  I have every CD-4 album that was released in the USA.  In addition, I am nearing completion of my Japanese CD-4 collection.  I haven’t taken inventory recently, but I believe I have approximately 90%-95% of all Japanese CD-4’s released.  I also have a majority of the Nippon Columbia UD-4’s.  My SQ, QS, EV, Dynaco matrix LP collection is also extensive, as are my Q8 and Q4 tape collections.

As a byproduct of collecting for over 30 years, I have acquired many spares.  My proposal to you is that we work out trades from my stock, for the titles I want.  I have spares in all formats: LP, Q8 and Q4.  All trade items are originals, I do not make nor trade dubs.

Please look over the next few pages containing my want lists.  See what you have in your collection from my want lists.  Then send me your want list, or propose a trade.  Let’s work together to mutually expand our library of Quad, so that we can move forward in our hobby.

Thank you for reading this, I look forward to hearing from you shortly via any of the contact methods shown below.

Sincerely, Nick

To Contact me:

Nick Perugini

320 N 9th St.

Reading, Pennsylvania


United States

Email: peruhaus@dejazzd.com

Official Quad enthusiast