The Northwest Migration Handbook

(Compiled from original Word document by Rich F.)

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Every year, more and more racially aware migrants from all over the world come to the Pacific Northwest to make it their own home, as well as a Homeland for all White people of every nation. They are of many different religious and philosophical backgrounds, and represent all of the many different tendencies which comprise the Aryan racial resistance movement. Many more newcomers to our land are what we term “organic” migrants, in that they are essentially conservatives or simply apolitical White people who are fleeing their own localities to get away from the problems caused by multiculturalism and Third World immigration, but who would never admit to their true racial motivations.

The purpose of this manual is to provide a very basic framework of ideological and practical instruction for intending migrants to the Northwest Homeland: the why, and as far as practical, the how. It is not complete or definitive, nor is it designed to be. It is a simple guidebook, intended for widespread distribution among those who wish to learn more about Northwest Migration, and who want to help support and advance this vitally important cause.

Right now, the Northwest Pioneer Association (NPA) is the foremost group working within the racially conscious community for the creation of a Homeland. The NPA is centered around the work of Harold Covington and the Northwest independence novel trilogy. But it must be clearly understood that the Northwest Migration movement is an organism, not an organization. There is no one central group or leader advocating White migration to the Pacific Northwest. Many groups and individuals are coordinating migration and working with various Homeland-related issues and projects.

We believe that Northwest Migration is the future of the White race on the North American continent, insofar as we may have any. The most distinguishing feature of the rest of the racial resistance movement, such as it is, is its signal lack of any other idea or plan whatsoever for the actual assumption of state power and the guaranteed continuation of our existence as a race. If we are in fact to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children, then we must accept that the Northwest Migration is it. There simply isn’t anything else.

This book will be your first step towards your acceptance of the racial duty which history has imposed on you. 

White man—it is time to Come Home!

The Order: Historical Document #1

Call To Arms

by Robert Jay Matthews

September 4, 1983

My brothers, my sisters: from the mist-shrouded forests, valleys, and mountains of the Pacific Northwest I bring you a message of solidarity, a call to action and a demand for adherence to duty as members of the vanguard of the Aryan resurgence and ultimately total Aryan victory.

The signs of awakening are sprouting up across the Northwest and no more so than among the two-fisted farmers and ranchers, a class of your people who have been hit especially hard by the filthy, lying Jews and their parasitical usury system. From the beginning of this nation to the present the yeoman farmer has been a symbol of the Aryan work ethic and a living monument to masculinity. Whenever I think of the first American Revolution I often remember that stirring poem about Concord and Lexington:

By the rude bridge that arched the flood,

Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,

Here the embattled farmers stood

And fired the shot heard round the world.

Unfortunately comrades that poem glorifies a fratricidal conflict. How I dream of a new poem, a poem for today:

Out of the valleys, out of the fields pour the Aryan yeoman horde,

Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,

Thence the Aryan farmer came and removed the Jew forever,

Forever from this world.

Let us not forget though that the Levantine vermin are well aware of the dangers that an aroused and angry yeomanry represents to them. The tillers of the soil have always been somewhat of a mystery to the Jews. Cities corrupt! Cities corrupt while the soil, the valley, the field, the farm, revitalize and replenish a weakened and drained mind and body. How the weasely little city-dwelling Jew fears and suspects the Aryan farmer. What a contrast! What a contrast between the two.

I think deep within the breast of our Aryan yeomanry lies a long dormant seed, seed of a racial awakening, the seed resurgence, the seed of anger, and the seed of the will to act. We must radicalize the American Yeomanry. We must bring as many of them as possible into our vanguard for victory.

The task is not going to be easy. TV satellites dishes are springing up like poisonous mushrooms across the domain of the tillers of the soil. The electronic Jew is slithering into the living rooms of even the most remote farms and ranches. The race-destroying dawns are everywhere. Allied with the Jews in their attempt to neutralize the Aryan farmer is the ever-present local rural pastor or minister. My personal experience has shown the usually the only organized opposition we will encounter when organizing in a farming or ranching community is from some local pastor. 

However, the stranglehold that the churches have upon rural America is fast eroding. the strangle hold is fast eroding because the average American farmer and rancher is in extreme financial difficulty. When a man is on the verge of losing his second-generation farm, his livelihood, and in essence his whole life, due mostly to the Jew usury system, he finds little solace in theological baggage from the pastor. I am particularly encouraged by the success of Texas Klan leader Louis Beam has had in organizing amongst the farmers and independent truckers. He should us the way and now we must do it for the alliance. The potential is there.

Working out of a base in northern Idaho he created a organization called NOFIT, National Organization of Farmers and Independent Truckers. Their slogan was “Don’t throw a fit, throw a bureaucrat.” Beam, working with actual farmers and truckers from the Northwest, has managed in a few mouths to reach out and radicalize thousands of these kinsmen. I was talking to a young lady recently who works as a waitress at a large truck stop in Rocksprings, Wyoming. Every time NOFIT issued a new newsletter they send her five hundred copies. She said that they were all gone within a few days with many of the truckers either joining on the spot or subscribing to the newsletter.

Robert Jay Matthews

The regime in Washington D.C. is extremely worried about the further radicalization of the American farmer. Fortunately, instead of implementing a program that would genuinely help the American farmer, they are responding with massive shows of force and repression. So much the better.

Sixty miles South of Spokane, Washington, along the Idaho border is a farming area we refer to as the Poluse. It is one of the richest farming areas in the world. In many place the Poluse has topsoil that is an incredible eighteen-feet deep. Along with wonderful soil, the Poluse has a very favorable growing climate. Even so comrades, many farms in the Poluse are being foreclosed upon. 

I have meet and talked with one of these unfortunate farmers, a kinsmen by the name of Ray Smith. Mr. Smith is a large framed, ruddy-faced man who likes to refer to himself as quote “a Snake River cowboy and damn proud of it.” His father farmed the land he lives upon and Mr. Smith was recently planning to retire and let his son take over the farm. Mr. Smith’s dreams have been shattered and he is on the verge of losing his 2,000+ acres, his home, and his son’s future livelihood. Mr. Smith, to his credit, took a long good look at his problem and how he arrived at so sorry a state. Take heart kinsmen for what did he say when Mr. Smith came to the root cause of his problem? Mr. Smith said “JEW! Jew, Jew.” 

Not only did Mr. Smith say Jew, he yelled Jew. His neighbors started yelling Jew. And how did the system react? By sending a plane, a helicopter, a bulldozer, SWAT teams from all over the state of Washington, and sixty very heavily armed deputies to the foreclosure of Mr. Smith’s farm. Needless to say, Mr. Smith is now a member of NOFIT and so are his neighbors. Mr. Smith also travels all over the states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho speaking out against the Jews and handing out copies of the Protocols of Zion. We need this man in the alliance.

Radicalization of the American farm movement is also taking place in the Dakotas and Colorado. Last week I talked at length to a Colorado-based racialist activist who has extensive personal experience dealing with the Colorado farmers. Several years ago this gentleman distributed large amounts of WRAs and other literature to farmers and ranchers around Fort Collins, Colorado. 

His efforts bore fruit. So after his initial literature distribution he witnessed the birth of the Anti-Jewish Pro-White Farmer’s Liberation Army. The Feds are extremely panicked about this outfit. The same gentleman also gave me copies of the Primrose and Cattlemen’s Gazette published in Fort Luckton, Colorado. This is an excellent middle rural newspaper that has a considerable circulation which is geared toward the needs and interests of the farmer and rancher. Interest about this newspaper: in this issue is an excellent little article on the Protocols of Zion and a full page advertisement for a very anti-Jewish pro-White racialist organization. The Jews are coming down hard on this poor little newspaper like chickens on a June bug. It appears that it might eventually fold up, but the seeds have been sown.

So comrades, I have briefly informed you about the potential for our movement which lies within the farmer communities across this nation. We must, it is our duty to, take advantage of the every increasing radicalization of the American farmer! The fate of every last White man, woman, and child on this planet lies squarely on us in this room here today. Out of all the White racialist organizations in this nation, the alliance and only the alliance has the potential to bring us to victory. Through the alliance lies the salvation of our entire race. We cannot fail.

Therefore, let us not only let us preach, let us live racial economics. In Metaline Falls we are not only eating, breathing, and sleeping, we are growing together as one mind and one body. We have broken the chains of Jewish thought. In Metaline Falls, we know not the meaning of the word “mine”, it is ours. Our race, the totality of our people. 

Ten hearts, 1 beat. One hundred hearts, 1 beat. Ten thousand hearts, 1 beat. We are born to fight and to die and to continue the flow, the flow of our people. Onward we will go, onward to the stars high above the mud, the mud of yellow, black, and brown. 

So kinsmen, duty calls. The future is now. If months from now you have not yet fully committed yourself to the alliance and the responsibilities thereof, then you have in effect not only betrayed your race, you have betrayed yourself.

So stand up like men and drive the enemy into the sea! Stand up like men and swear a sacred oath upon the green grass of our shires that you will reclaim what our forefathers discovered, explored, conquered, settled, built, and die for! Stand up like me and reclaim our soil!

Kinsmen arise! Look towards the stars and proclaim our destiny. In Metaline Falls we have a saying: Defeat never, Victory forever! 

The Order: Historical Document #2

Principles of War and Rules of Engagement

Francis Parker Yockey stated: “Politics is action in relation to power.” The ultimate end of politics is war. As long as Nature and human nature remain the same, war will remain the inevitable result of pure political thinking. Either we will have power and control of a government based on the laws of God, or you will have power. 

In our day war comes about when the attempt to conquer by economic means breaks down, and the people turn on their predators and resist. This is the point at which North America now finds itself. We perceive our present course to be determined by our declaration of independence, wherein it is stated, “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness.” We consider it not only our right, but our duty before Almighty God. 

However, the Aryan race has nearly always waged war by some code of conduct, whether it be the code of chivalry or the Geneva Convention. We do not intend to break with our past. Under the control of aliens in our White governments, the Allies in WWII were coerced to bomb civilian targets. The examples of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were deplorable, and the even worse fire-bombing of Dresden and Hamburg are not considered by us to be legitimate warfare. This war is to be between combatants only. Any agent of the Zionist occupation government of North America, we consider to be our enemy and the enemy of the people for whom we fight. Likewise, anyone who takes it upon themselves to oppose us intentionally, willfully, and actively we consider to be our mortal enemy. 

If the agents of ZOG harass or injure our non-combatants, such as women, children, aged or infirm, we will return injury for injury. 

Any local police officer, state patrolman, law enforcement personnel who cooperate with the agents of ZOG and injure us in any way will be regarded as a combatant. Those who do not will be regarded as non-combatants. 

The time of decision is coming for members of the armed forces of North America. You will one day be ordered to fire on your own people. If you side with the agents of ZOG, even if the form they take is your own commander, and you follow orders, you will be regarded as a combatant. If you side with your racial kinsmen you will be regarded as non-combatants.

Any banking agent who forecloses on property being put to productive use by the sweat of a farmer’s back, because he couldn’t pay his usury tax, will be regarded as a combatant. Those who do not will be regarded as non-combatants. 

Any newspaper or other media agent who prints lies about us, or otherwise incites their readers to oppose us, will be regarded as combatants. Those who do not lie will be regarded as non-combatants. 

Any members of the Congress of the United States or their counterparts in Canada who introduce legislation which is harmful to us, or the people for whom we fight, will be regarded as combatants. 

Any judge, at any level, who makes legal decisions or who hands down sentences harmful to us or the people for whom we fight will be regarded as a combatant.

Any agents of business establishments who pursue policies harmful to us or the people for whom we fight will be regarded as combatants. 

Any citizen of North America who willingly cooperates with ZOG agents and brings injury to us, or jeopardizes our security in any way, will be regarded as combatants. 

Any non-White residents of North America who intentionally, willfully, and actively oppose us will be regarded as combatants, and any traitor in our midst who betrays us will be hunted down like a dog and have their head removed from their body. 

We have no desire to harm anyone who has no desire to harm us. In keeping with political thinking, this is purely a struggle for power.

We enjoin all people to choose intelligently which side they will be on. Make sure that you have the greatest number of relevant facts possible. There will surely come a day when fence-sitting will be impossible and once you have made up your mind and begin to act, the die is cast for you. There will be no turning back. 

With these things said, let the battle begin. 

The Order: Historical Document #3

The Final Address of David Lane to the Jury

From the era of Plato, Socrates, and Cato to that of DaVinci and Michelangelo, to Locke and Shakespeare, to Jefferson and Franklin, Western civilization has sprung from the creative genius of one kindred people. In the vast panorama of time this period was but a fleeting moment and a glorious dream. The near future will show what manner of civilization will follow the passing of the White man. How sad and ironic that the American republic, which was formed exclusively for the preservation and promotion of Western man, became the vehicle through which he was destroyed both here and in his European homeland.

David Lane

For many years I have struggled in whatever ways were available to a single powerless person to crack the iron media curtain and show my people that those very things which are protected, promoted, and forced upon us by those who today control the affairs of the Western world have destroyed every civilization we have ever built. I refer to such things as infanticide through abortion, a practice which has led to the murder of fifteen million babies of my kith and kin, and which is protected by the government and the Federal courts; homosexuality, whose adherents are forced upon us as role models and even teachers of our children by the government and Federal courts; and worst of all, the deliberate destruction of our very racial existence.

Those who have set out to mix and destroy the last remnant of Western man know full well that no people can continue in existence without a nation of their own in which to propagate, protect, and promote their own kind. They also know that a people who are not convinced of their own uniqueness and value will perish, and that is why I am slandered and destroyed when I show that nearly every improvement in the human condition has come from the fertile mind of Western man.

The White man is now a tiny minority in the world, yet he is denied not only a nation of his own but the integrity of the territorial imperative necessary to his survival. The guilt of those who partake in the destruction of this Race of men cannot be adequately described in the vocabulary of mortals. Regarding the prosecutors in this case, I say only that if the perpetuation of power is predicated on perjury, then the U. S. Attorneys are as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar. But if nature’s laws allow for the concepts of justice or karmic debt, then they walk on quicksand.

That this trial even occurred is a violation of every Constitutional protection against double jeopardy. The legalistic machinations and chicanery involved in jeopardizing a man for potentially unlimited times for the same offense, by changing the legal description of that offense, by changing jurisdictions and so on are utterly repugnant to the sense of Anglo-Saxon justice as well as totally contrary both to the spirit and the intent of the Constitution. The mad frenzy of those who now control the Federal government of the United States to punish and destroy any White man who resists the deliberate admixture and murder of his rapidly disappearing Race is evident.

History predicts unspeakable horror for the last generation of White children, if I and others who shall come after me are not more successful in awakening our people from their sleep of death. Our task is as simple as it is overwhelmingly important: WE MUST SECURE THE EXISTENCE OF OUR PEOPLE AND A FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN. In the face of that overriding historical imperative, what you do to me does not matter. I am not a brave man; I die the thousand deaths of the philosopher instead of the single death of the soldier. But I willingly sought this destiny, and I will not shrink from it.

Soon you will hear from another who will undoubtedly speak of his religious beliefs. Perhaps even at this late date, the power of a religious creed can save Western man, or perhaps Divine Providence will indeed lend a hand. If not, then those who rebel against tyranny must still accept the consequences with a shrug, or they are neither patriots nor men.

I say no more....

Fundamental Principles of Northwest Migration

I. The White race in North America is in danger of literal, physical extinction. If current destructive demographic trends continue, White people will be a minority in the United States and Canada by the year 2050, and we will have vanished completely from North America by 2100. The real point of no return, however, is far closer. By the year 2020, the median age of the White population of North America will have become so high that we will no longer be capable of reproducing ourselves in sufficient numbers to overcome the tide of mud-colored Third World immigration.

II. We as a people have wasted the past six decades on pointless, futile and impotent right-wing and kosher conservative organizations and strategies. The overwhelming majority of these past organizations and movements refused to recognize the vital central importance of race in all issues, and they refused to recognize the urgent need for state power in order to preserve the existence of our race. The few attempts which have been made to resist racial extinction by groups and personalities of an openly National Socialist or racialist nature have been led by men who were stupid, incompetent, dishonest, or some combination of all three. The result of the past sixty years of right-wing failure and impotence is that we are now out of time.

III. There is only one strategy remaining to us which may be able to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. Our last remaining hope to stave off extinction is the establishment of a sovereign and independent nation on the continent of North America for White people only.

IV. Considerations of demographics, economics, and a history of commitment and martyrdom in the persons of Bob Matthews, Sam and Vicky Weaver, and Richard Butler dictate that the territory for this sovereign Aryan republic must lie in the Pacific Northwest.

V. The first step towards the establishment of the Northwest American Republic is a mass migration of the existing racially aware White community to the states of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. It is a matter of the utmost urgency that you make this vitally important commitment to the future of our people, that you do so now, and that you come to the Homeland with only the minimum delay necessary to raise sufficient funds and put your affairs in order.

The Butler Plan

by Harold A. Covington

[Respectfully dedicated to the late Reverend Richard Girnt Butler, a gallant Christian gentleman.]


Pastor Butler

The White racial nationalist movement has completely wasted the past fifty years. It therefore is now no longer possible for the Aryan race to recapture the North American continent in its entirety. The only remaining option to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children is for the remnant of the racially conscious population of North America to relocate to the Pacific Northwest and establish our own sovereign nation. 

What is at stake here is our survival as a race. There is no longer any alternative to the Northwest Migration plan. If this is not done, then the Aryan race will perish from the North America and most likely from the rest of the earth as well, since there will be no safe and racially homogenous haven in which our people may rest, regroup, and replenish our numbers. It is necessary to reduce the racial survival problem to manageable proportions, shrink it to dimensions wherein we can concentrate what few remaining resources we have into a smaller area, with shorter and closer interior lines of communication. On such a reduced scale, Aryan racial nationalism will be able to gain some political, social, and economic leverage on a local basis, sufficient to effect actual change. 

Once in the Pacific Northwest, the incoming White refugees must engage in a vigorous and dynamic program of political action, propaganda and educational activity. Eventually there must be direct action to remove as much of the territory of the Northwest as possible from the jurisdiction and control of the United States and subsequently create an independent Aryan republic. This Republic will be restricted to persons of unmixed European, non-Semitic, Caucasian racial ancestry, and no non-White will be allowed to reside there under any circumstances. 

If this is not done, then the White race will become extinct in North America by the year 2100. The consequences of such an extinction for human civilization and for the planet upon which we live would be horrific beyond the power of the imagination to encompass. Racial survival for Aryan man must override all considerations of personal welfare, personal agenda, physical safety, legality or individual interest. We have a job to do, assigned to us by history, and we must devote the remainder of our lives to it. It cannot be repeated often enough: the Northwest Imperative is above all driven by one single and decisive factor, that being the complete lack of any other realistic alternative plan to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. We have frittered away the past fifty years. The clock has run out, and there is nothing else for us to do.

The Homeland

The proposed Aryan Homeland consists of a core territory of three complete Northwest American states: Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. At various times in the past, other parts of the Northwest have been suggested as potentially part of the Homeland. These include western Montana; roughly the northern third of California above Redding; the state of Wyoming; the state of Alaska; and the present Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. (A strong separatist movement with a distinct racial tinge to it already exists in Western Canada.)

This document will proceed on the basis only of the three core U.S. states within which we must concentrate our initial resettlement efforts. Depending on the geopolitical and strategic situation when the time comes to make a direct strike for freedom, it would certainly be advisable to liberate as much territory as possible. Like a newlywed couple with big plans for the future, we need to build our house large and with many rooms, that we may fill it with children. There follows a brief sketch, in alphabetical order, of these three states which will constitute the primary settlement area:

Idaho: Land area 83,574 square miles. Population (2004 estimate) 1,393,262 of whom 91% are classified as White by government statisticians. (It should be born in mind that the régime’s demographers habitually undercount and underestimate the number of non-Whites in our society. They also have a habit of counting Jews and certain Hispanics as White.) Major industries are agriculture, timber, cattle, tourism, some high-tech in the Boise area. Not much mining any more, but some gold and phosphates. Manufacturing consists largely of processing and packing food products like potatoes that are grown in the state. 

Oregon - Land area 97,131 square miles. Population (2004 estimate) 3,594,586, of whom 86.6% are classified as White by government statisticians. (Same caveat as above.) Major industries are timber and the manufacture of various wood products, also the manufacture of computer equipment and a fairly big financial sector; banks and insurance companies are some of the state’s major employers. There is a lot of dairy farming. Portland is a major urban area with all the problems and advantages that entails in modern day America. 

Washington - Land area 70,637 square miles. Population (1996 estimate) 6,203,788, of whom 81.8% are classified as White by government statisticians. (Same caveat as above.) Much of the size-population disparity as opposed to the other two primary states is accounted for by the Seattle megalopolis, which includes Tacoma and Olympia to the south. Seattle is the gateway for a massive influx of Chinese and other Asians into the Northwest; the 1996 estimates are already hopelessly out of date and there is no accurate information available on the present Asian population of Washington, save that it is growing. The Asians are quite open about their own plan for seizing the Northwest through massive immigration and making it part of the Pacific Rim. In the case of Vancouver, B.C. they have already succeeded in transforming this once White city into a Chinese antheap. Major industries in Washington are cattle ranching, timber, wood and paper and pulp products, some mining, and an immense amount of yuppie-style high tech in the Seattle area centered around the Boeing aircraft plant and the Microsoft computer empire. 

Homeland Totals - For the entire primary settlement area, we are looking at a total of 251,342 square miles. That’s a lot of territory to cover, but it is infinitely smaller than the immense expanse of the entire North American continent. Most places within the 3-state area are within 24 hours of driving time max. Oppose this to five and six days’ driving time necessary for some of us to visit with one another across country. The larger metro areas are connected by air shuttles which the locals who can afford them use as casually as most other people use buses. 

We are looking at an estimated population of 11.2 million, of which the overwhelming majority are (officially) White. Once the non-White population of the major metropolitan areas is subtracted, especially Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia and Portland, as well as a few specific and containable “brown spots” where labor-intensive industry has attracted heavy a heavy Hispanic influx, we are for all practical purposes dealing with an all-White territory, one of the few remaining in the world. Nine million White people is a lot of people, but with hard propaganda work by an active and fanatically dedicated minority, enough of them can be convinced to join us to provide local bases for incoming settlement. Contrast that to trying to work around a population of almost 300 million people, in many places the majority non-White, on a continent this size wherein we are totally and utterly powerless and scattered to the four winds. 

This is the primary advantage to the Northwest concept, as opposed to the collective illusion which we have harbored for half a century, that through some unfathomable means which no one ever seems able to explain, we will somehow win back the whole North American continent at once and cause millions of non-Whites simply to vanish in a puff of smoke without any effort and certainly without the mass bloodshed which such a project would in fact involve. The Northwest Imperative reduces the problem to manageable proportions, something that we can in fact accomplish with the resources at our command. The only alternative is the present status quo, i.e. sitting at our computers pecking on keyboards and once in a blue moon wandering out in public holding a sign and letting ourselves be pelted with garbage by scum. The present status quo means racial death, and things have reached the point where any effort to preserve the present Movement status quo is tantamount to racial treason.

A Basic Overview of the Plan 

The Butler Plan consists of four broad aspects or phases. These phases are not nailed to any given time frame, so much as they entail a specific kind of activity and an agenda of goals to be achieved. All four phases will be simultaneously ongoing, and at any given time the Movement will be involved with issues relating to any or all of these phases. There will be a lot of overlap.

Phase One: Relocation of the existing racially conscious White community to the Homeland. 

This will be an ongoing project from this point on, and will continue even after political independence is achieved. It will be the primary function of the Homeland to be just that, a homeland and refuge for all the persecuted and endangered Aryan peoples of the world from Afrikaners to Serbs to Ulstermen. Racially conscious White immigrants into the Homeland will hereafter be referred to here as Incomers, to differentiate them from native-born Northwesterners and organic migrants (see below.) 

Once the checkbooks open, the Northwest Pioneer Association will eventually establish a Northwest Agency similar in scope and purpose to the Jewish Agency that handled, and still handles, the bulk of Jewish immigration to Israel. The Northwest Agency will not concern itself so much with political or propaganda issues, except in a very limited way to convince potential Incomers of the necessity to Come Home. This agency will provide information, advice, and various kinds of practical assistance regards to relocation.

It is vitally necessary that prospective White migrants to the Northwest make at least one preliminary visit or scouting trip to the Homeland before they make the permanent move, specifically a visit to their proposed area of settlement. Prospective migrants must get a look at us, and we must get a look at them. It must be an ironclad rule that no one simply packs up all their worldly goods into a U-Haul and heads in a general northwesterly direction. Early pioneers who tried that kind of thing usually came to grief. Ask the survivors of the Donner Party. Every effort must be made to insure that prospective migrants are coming to something, not running away from something. Prospective migrants, especially families, need to have jobs and accommodation lined up beforehand and need to arrive with sufficient assets so that they can immediately establish themselves in their new communities. 

This project, in short, must be implemented by and for responsible adults who know what they are doing, who know why, and who are involved in the Migration because they want to put something into it, not to try and get something out of it. The Northwest Agency will be there to assist these responsible adults with that process.

Up until now, insofar as we have had a strategy for resettlement in the Northwest (which hasn’t been very far), the plan has been to bring people into one area alone, the Coeur d’Alene/Hayden Lake/Sandpoint district of northern Idaho. This plan is fatally flawed. First, it allows the Federals to concentrate their own resources against us in a relatively small “killing field.” Secondly, the population is so sparse that newcomers stand out and can easily be identified and targeted by the enemy. Especially at the beginning, we need to be able to melt into the local population and become indistinguishable.

In addition to these considerations, metropolitan areas contain more racial diversity and it will be far easier to work with the local native born White population when there are minorities and the problems which minorities bring to point out as examples. We are not seeking to run away into the north woods and hide. We are seeking to build a new nation. The realities of 21st century life dictate that our movement be based where the White people are, and in the Northwest that means about two dozen metropolitan areas. Eventually the Northwest racial community can establish facilities in the countryside; indeed, we must familiarize ourselves with the rural Northwest and be comfortable in it, but we will not make a revolution from a few cabins in the deep forest.

On a preliminary basis, the following areas within the Homeland need to be targeted for the establishment of the first racial nationalist communities, based on economic and geographic factors. Jobs are reasonably plentiful for those with skills, and these initial colonies are spaced sufficiently close to one another to create a chain wherein racial nationalists in each area can offer one another some kind of material and logistic support system. There should be a racial nationalist presence in every state capital, so we can have someone on the ground to keep up with state government’s attempts to suppress our Movement and drive us out. These will be our initial dots which we must then connect up.

Idaho: Coeur d’Alene, Boise, Pocatello.

Oregon: Portland, Salem, Eugene, Medford, Corvallis. (I.e., the I-5 corridor.) The eastern part of Oregon is very sparsely populated and economically stagnant, and will be one of the last areas we get into. This also applies to eastern Washington outside the Spokane area. Portland itself is frankly just as noxious as any major American city, and migrants should concentrate on the white suburbs.

Washington: Spokane, Bellingham, Vancouver, and the working class suburbs ringing Seattle, to include Tacoma and Olympia. Based on experience, it is suggested that the Seattle “ring” consist of small groups of people in Kent, Bremerton, and Everett, all sufficiently blue collar areas where White racial consciousness may be found. There should also be concentration on the military complex at Fort Lewis. 

Phase Two: The formation of a fighting revolutionary Party. This Party must engage in massive, serious propaganda and missionary work among native Northwesterners and organic migrants. 

One of the primary weapons the enemy will use against us will be to stir up the White, native-born population of the Northwest against the evil racist “outsiders,” portraying us as dysfunctionals, criminal conspirators, etc. In some localities this may well reach the level of physical violence by police or good old boy vigilante types. Whites everywhere are filled with anger and frustration, and will jump at the chance to take that anger and frustration out on a socially approved scapegoat. We will constitute the Northwest’s one officially unprotected minority, fair game for every honky jackass with an Amurrican flag on his baseball cap and a John Wayne complex. Such types will be egged on by the local power structure and by the Chamber of Commerce who view us (correctly) as bad for business. 

Eventually there will be enough of us to provide would-be John Waynes who try such tactics with a salutary lesson, something that will become necessary to win their respect. No one respects a people who allow themselves to be victimized. But that is not a long-range solution. We have to win these people to our side, not fight them. They are not the enemy, however cruelly brainwashed they have been. How we handle relations with the native born will determine whether or not this entire effort succeeds.

We must always bear in mind that by and large, precisely because they have grown up in a more or less all-White environment, the native born Northwesterners genuinely do not understand what multi-culturalism and diversity mean for them in the long run. They honestly do not understand what we are talking about, and we must conduct the most massive public relations and propaganda effort in this Movement’s history to convince them, using every tool we have from web sites to participation in the local 4-H Club. We must let them know that while we will not allow ourselves to be victimized or run out of town, we do not hate them, we are not conspiring against them, and we are their brothers. We must seize on local issues and local concerns to make them understand that independence and freedom for the Northwest are in their interest as well as ours. 

Above all, we ourselves must not engage in behaviors or display any outward physical appearance that will allow the established order to portray us to the native born as “the Other.” The shaven heads and the tattoos and the petty hooliganism of the Skinhead scene must henceforth be kept away from the Northwest. The local people where we settle must understand that we are fellow Americans and people like themselves, not the Other whom it is socially acceptable to stone. But at the same time they must understand that we are here, we are here to stay, that more of us are coming, and that we will not be stopped.

The Northwest novels of Harold Covington are fiction. There must never, under any circumstances, be any excessive display or emphasis on guns or weaponry. Those of us who are gun enthusiasts should join their local NRA chapters and work within the local Second Amendment community, to be sure, but until the time comes to strike for freedom there must be no waving of guns in the air for the TV cameras. A firearm has only one use, and that is to shoot. A firearm that is not shooting is just a piece of machined metal. If we are not going to shoot them, then we need to keep them in the closet until such time as we are willing to use them for their intended purpose. When we break out the guns we will do so for the purpose of using them, not flourishing them aloft for the television cameras. This will be a revolution, not a made for TV movie.

We will experience almost as much difficulty interacting with organic migrants. By this term we refer to Whites from other parts of the country who have recently relocated to the Northwest for pretty much the same racial reasons that we have, but who would cut off their own bodily organs rather than admit to this fact in public. Many of these come from California, which this year became the first state that is officially majority non-White. Organic migrants can usually be spotted through the use of code words like clean air, good schools, low taxes, a stable environment, a good place to raise kids, in short, all the various concealed terms kosher conservatives use to mean “no niggers or spics.” Organic migrants are often liberal élitists who want to have their cake and eat it too, but who have been forced to come to grips with racial reality and are now struggling to build a politically correct and acceptable rationalization for their reluctance to live in the multi-racial paradise they helped to create in their own cities.

Long term, the organic migrants will be most approachable when they realize that the mudflow has followed them from California or Milwaukee or wherever, and that if they do not resist they will be forced into flight again. But to where? The Arctic? Australia? Patagonia? Native born will become approachable as they themselves start getting a taste of diversity and political correctness, especially through encroaching affirmative action and sodomy. John Wayne wannabes with Amurrican flags on their baseballs caps will become much more approachable when they lose their jobs or promotions to unqualified minorities. When liberal mothers and fathers in Idaho and Washington see their little girl coming home from school with her copy of Heather Has Two Mommies and their little boy coming home with bruises where he has been beaten by blacks or Hispanics, they will begin to catch on real quick. The organic migrants are in fact quite likely to have assets and skills that we will very badly need in the creation of our new country. They are a potential base for converts.

We must understand quite clearly that the White population of these three states are not enemies; they are our challenge. For the first few years there will not be enough incoming settlers to make that much difference to the political or the demographic situation. We either win a sufficiently large percentage of those eight and a half million Whites to our side to become viable and secure in our settlement program, or we will fail and our race will perish. 300 million people, almost half of them non-White, we will never win over. Nine million people, sharing our blood if not our views and our experience? There, we’ve got a chance.

Phase Three: The insertion of the Party into actual politics, and the creation of a bona fide political movement for Northwest independence. 

This is self-explanatory. In actual practice, beyond the creation of a few basic policy documents and a general consensus surrounding the idea of independence, this phase is going to have to pretty much go onto the back burner for a time, while we concentrate on Phases One and Two. We cannot allow a situation of too many chiefs and almost no Indians to develop, such as has been the hallmark of most Movement endeavors. 

A revolution cannot succeed in the absence of the Revolutionary Tripod, the three conditions without which true change cannot take place. Let us review these three essential conditions for change again. 

1. There must be a bona fide revolutionary movement, devoted towards seizing state power directly from the hands of the existing power structure. Not conservative, not reformist, not willing to work within the existing system, but dedicated to its destruction. 

2. There must be withdrawal of the consent of the governed, wherein a majority of the people in a country or territory no longer wish to be ruled by the existing power structure and desire change. Not just any change, but specifically that power be assumed by the revolutionary movement.

3. There must be the loss of the credible monopoly of armed force by the state. Acts of insurrection and guerrilla warfare must take place, actual and serious physical damage must be inflicted on the enemy, and no one must be caught or punished for these acts. This condition is necessary to force the power structure into repression and acts of atrocity and retaliation against the general population in their frustration at being unable to locate and apprehend the real guerrillas.

Our long term goal is to present the government of the United States with a situation whereby the struggle to retain the Northwest becomes politically and financially insupportable, and letting the Homeland go is the lesser of two evils from their point of view. This is the way in which all colonial wars are won, and in order to win we must reduce our racial struggle to the status of a colonial war wherein writing off X amount of territory is an option for the occupying power, should it become expedient. It is impossible for us to imagine such a situation at this time, given the apparently ironclad, permanent grip that the Federal government exerts on all aspects of our lives. But we are not talking about doing anything within the context of today, but within the context of many years from now, when a Soviet style break-up of the United States into separate racial and ethnic and interest groups is historically bound to occur. Nothing lasts forever, and the current order will not last forever either.

We must prepare for the time to come, when all of this is more than just paper fantasy, when the political and economic realities make our victory a possibility if we are ready to seize it. It is going to take many years and a big assist from economic and political developments within the New World Order to create this tripod in the Pacific Northwest. But it will happen eventually. We need to have some kind of radical Aryan independence party slim and trim and ready to break out at a moment’s notice if needed.

Phase Four: The seizure of state power and the creation of the Republic in the power vacuum created by the collapse of the United States. 

There can be little doubt that the United States will eventually undergo a Soviet-style breakdown of centralized power, and lose the ability to enforce its will throughout the continent. This will transmute into direct action to free our Homeland from the iron heel of the Federal government. Ideas here are welcome, but again, for the first few years we need to concentrate on Phases One and Two, on getting our people in and then hanging on in the face of intense local and governmental opposition. These first two phases are going to be taking up the bulk of our efforts for a long time. We must learn to walk before we can run.

One of the main things we will need to concentrate on is creating an economic infrastructure which will eventually enable us to employ our own people and free them from the now ubiquitous danger of establishment retaliation through loss of their jobs. Bear in mind that we are engaged in something that our ancestors understood and did superbly: we are nation-building, and there is a hell of a lot more to nation building than singing around the campfire and throwing the odd bomb on the barricades. We must utilize our human resources to the max. One of the things our forebears had to understand in order to survive, was economic self sufficiency. Remember the gentleman adventurers who first came to Jamestown and damned near starved to death because they would not work and hunted for gold instead of farming and hunting and building shelter? We must be able to support ourselves in the face of pressure from the local ZOG which will be almost as intense, in its way, as that the Indians put on the first settlers.

By economic self sufficiency, we mean the actual production of wealth or essential goods and services. Economic self sufficiency does not mean pyramid schemes or marginal business franchises or the assorted get-rich-quick deals which flourish in the right wing. It means bona fide skills and resources to provide real goods and services. One of the major investments our new Northwest community must make is in vocational training for young White people. Every young White man and woman must possess a marketable skill, so that they can survive on their own. A new nation does not just need soldiers or political agitators. A new nation requires farmers, engineers, doctors, architects, electricians, road builders and heavy equipment operators, construction trades, food processing and packaging skills, teachers, and manufacturers.

We must bring to the Northwest serious, adult men and women who are coming to build a new nation, not drink beer and scream “White Power!” and show off their tattoos. Young people especially who are contemplating the Homeland must be encouraged to stay in school and learn an economically viable trade, so that when they immigrate to the Northwest they don’t just say, “Hi, I am a White racist.” They must be able walk into a community and say, “Hello, my name is Joe, and I am a computer software designer, or a skilled auto mechanic, or a master electrician, or a nurse, or I can fix your copy machine, or I can fly your helicopter, or I can bake bread…” 

Name: The name of the state we propose to create shall be Northwest American Republic. (NAR) The racial term Aryan needs to be avoided because it causes confusion among the uninitiated, and winning over the uninitiated is how we are going to win. For better or worse, the word Aryan is now associated in the minds of native born Northwesterners with an image of tattooed, shaven-headed punks who swill beer and wave assault rifles in the air and scream “White Power!” The fact that this is untrue, and that the native born Northwesterners are Aryans themselves by race if not in mind, is beside the point. In politics, perception is everything. It is bad propaganda to confront people, on their initial contact, with ideas, concepts, terms and symbols that require an immediate, long and abstruse explanation. Esoteric terms like Cascadia, Arya, etc. should be avoided as well. They sound odd, and we are going to have trouble enough overcoming our image problem as things stand.

The Flag: There is one thing we do need to begin propagating, and that is the creation and general recognition of a flag for the coming Homeland. The one point where the primary author of this document intends to make an arbitrary decision is in the matter of the NAR flag. He has decided upon a simple, dignified Tricolor design which contains no controversial symbols, or anything requiring more than the simplest explanation. It is necessary that the said flag shall be trademarked by the Northwest Agency or the Northwest Pioneer Association in order to prevent the said trademark or copyright from being stolen by the Jews. This has already been effectively done. 

The Northwest Tricolor consists of three vertical bars of equal length, similar to the French, Irish, and Italian tricolors. Left to right, the bars are blue, white, and emerald green, with the blue bar to the flagstaff. They symbolize blue for the Northwest sky, green for the land, and white for the people who will dwell in between the two. (Horizontal bars were considered, but unfortunately the African nation of Sierra Leone already had that design.)

The flag of the new nation will be our rallying point; it must be displayed, distributed, and publicized the world over until it becomes the equivalent of the Confederate Battle Flag and the Hakenkreuzfahne as a generally recognized symbol of Aryan hope and courage in the face of racial death.


As always, this is not a question of whether we can do something, but whether we will do it.

Can we do this? Yes, of course we can.

Will we do it? Yes. God will not allow our race to perish.

It is time to Go Home.

Refuting the Nay-Sayers

by Harold A. Covington

Every new idea has its nay-sayers. Every Columbus is faced with a chorus who shriek that the earth is flat. Northwest Migration will prove to be no different. 

The ancient Egyptians believed that the brain existed merely to cool the blood, and that a giant pig ate the moon every month. Renaissance doctors treated gunshot wounds by giving the victim blue pills. In the 1820s, there were scientists who proved with abstruse mathematical calculations that it is absolutely impossible for human beings to travel faster than 35 miles an hour without being crushed into jelly by the centrifugal force, and that therefore railroads would never be practical. In the 1890s the descendants of those same scientists proved again, with equally brilliant mathematical and physical calculations, that heavier than air flight was an absolute impossibility and beyond the capacity of man ever to achieve. There are still people today who believe that the moon landing was a hoax. Technically, it is aerodynamically impossible for the bumble bee to fly at all. But someone forgot to tell the bumble bee, so he flies anyway.

The Northwest Migration falls into this category. Historically, we are a Movement of nay-sayers. If Jesus Christ himself were to descend from the skies and offer us a plan which would ensure us permanent survival and control of the earth, there would be those among us who whined and caviled and criticized. From now on, right up until the moment we achieve independence and our new flag goes up over Coeur d’Alene and Seattle, there will be people, supposedly “our” people, who will explain to us in great and plethoric detail why the Northwest is a terrible idea, why it will never ever work, and why we must not do it. From this point onward, in everything we do, we will have a chorus of nay-sayers in the background as a kind of leitmotif. We need to understand this and accept it as just one more thing we will have to work around.

Some of this opposition will be genuine and principled. Let me make it clear that I do not claim that anyone at all who opposes the Northwest Imperative is either an idiot or some kind of enemy agent. Just most of them. This being the Movement, and political thought and principle being largely alien to our entire experience, surprisingly little of the opposition to this idea will fall into the category of serious, thoughtful yet constructive disagreement. We just don’t do things that way. Everything is personal. This being the Movement, the overwhelming majority of the opposition to the Northwest will prove in the long run to be self-interested and motivated by petty jealousy at best, and orchestrated by the enemy at worst. This is simply the way we are, the way we have been ever since 1945. Any time someone comes up with a good idea, the rest of the Movement hurl themselves on him like a pack of junkyard dogs in an attempt to drag him back down into the mud with the rest of the losers and the mailers of news clippings. 

The late Robert Miles once pointed out that the one thing we Movement dudes hate more than anything else, the one thing we cannot abide, is success of any kind on the part of one of our number. There are no doubt deep psychological reasons for this; we have become so used to mediocrity that on the rare occasions when we display anything else, the guilty party is accused of being a Jew or a government agent. We simply cannot bring ourselves to believe that anyone with talent, ability, intelligence, or dedication would actually waste his time messing around with us. There has to be something wrong with such a person, right? Who does he think he is, showing the rest of us up for the pathetic losers and dysfunctionals we are? Get him!

As yet the nay-sayers haven’t really gotten their act together. Their attacks on the Northwest consist mostly of ad hominem vilification of myself, again not an unexpected development in view of who we’re dealing with. In the long run they will get nit-picky and start nay-saying specific acts and policies of the Northwest tendency, but right now their nay-says fall into a few simple categories which are very easily refuted on both the emotional and the logical level. We need to be aware of these simple nay-says and learn the counters off by heart. We will be meeting them time and again from now on. 

What the defenders of the Movement status quo (i.e. doing nothing) have been able to come up with thus far is as follows: 

Nay-Say #1: “The Northwest Migration is too much work. It is inconvenient. It is costly. It means taking money out of our own pockets for a racial purpose, and we all know we can’t have that, can we?” 

Short Answer: Yes, we know. The fact that it’s inconvenient and costly is the idea’s biggest advantage, because we want the people who are willing to undergo that inconvenience and expense for their race and civilization. The rest of you lazy bums can stay at home and tap on your keyboards. You’re useless. 

Comprehensive Answer: Where, where, oh where in the name of God did we get this idea that saving our race would be easy? That an all-encompassing revolution of state and society of the kind which is our only hope of racial survival would be without risk and difficulty? 

How could we possibly come up with such an absurd notion? No other revolutionary movement in the history of the world, from the I.R.A. to the Bungi-Bungi Liberation Front, has ever started from the premise that they would win their cause without death and prison and long years of agonizing suffering as power is wrenched form one set of hands into another. What has made us such idiots? What has given us this idea that some weird deus ex machina is going to save us without our undergoing any risk or inconvenience at all? Where, exactly, is this mysterious effortless racial salvation going to come from? ETs in flying saucers who will come down from the stars and take us all away to Neptune? 

We either choose to fight and die on our feet beneath the blue skies of the Northwest, like men, or we crawl and die in our own excrement-filled diapers in a nursing home being “cared for” by Nigerians and Filipinos. That’s our choice, people. Nothing else on the menu. Take your pick. 

Nay-Say #2: “The Northwest is not perfect! We can only migrate to someplace that is absolutely perfect, an all-White land of milk and honey where we won’t have to work or fight!” 

Short Answer: Yep, looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us all right. It’s going to be a real challenge, waking up and motivating that geographically and demographically manageable number of about eight million White people, creating a whole new national consciousness where before there was only ignorance and liberalism. We’re looking forward to it! 

Comprehensive Answer: Neither I nor anyone else claims that the Northwest is some kind of Aryan paradise. It is not. There are plenty of Indians and Mexicans and wogs here. But the Northwest is one of the last remaining places on earth where we have a chance of creating a viable, sovereign Aryan nation, and since our racial survival is non-negotiable and failure is not an option here, then it’s not as if we have any choice in the matter. We must play the cards that we are dealt. 

Fifty years ago we were dealt a lot better hands, to be sure, but we have elected to waste that time on the frauds and con men and dysfunctionals. We have consistently, almost hysterically refused to address issues of strategy or character or simple reality, and so now this is where we are. We’ve got about twenty more years before the biological clock runs out and if we’re not gathering our people into a Homeland by then, it’s over. It’s time for the keyboard-tapping to stop and time for us to get on with it. 

No, it’s not perfect. The Northwest is to a large degree full of dumb White people of a very Jukish and Kallikakish nature, who have been brainwashed into liberalism and who will probably call us names and be mean to us if we go there. We will not be welcomed with open arms. Flowers will not be strewn beneath our feet as we arrive. According to the nay-sayers, we must find someplace to go where every last living soul is White and racially aware and where flowers will be strewn beneath our feet as we ride into town, and where we need do no work or fighting at all. Until then we must not even think of migrating anywhere; we must stay at home and e-mail each other news articles telling each other how bad things are getting.

We are not going to the Northwest to make a paradise. The Republic is not a luxury cruise ship, it is a lifeboat. We are going to make a home where enough of our people may physically survive so that someday when the world of diversity and multiculturalism and perversion outside our borders collapses, we can take back everything that is rightfully ours. But that’s in the future. Our immediate goal is to reach January 1st, 2100 with some White people still on the face of the earth. 

Nay-Say #3: “If we attempt this, we might get the government really pissed off at us and they might hurt us. We must never, ever do anything that might get the government really pissed off at us, since as everyone knows, we don’t really mean all this racial stuff we talk. You must not listen to Harold! Fun’s fun, guys, but that crazy Harold really means it and he’s going too far! If you listen to Harold you’ll get in big trouble!” 

Short Answer: If we have genuinely become that weak, cowardly, and chickenshit, then we don’t deserve to survive. 

Comprehensive Answer: Pretty much the same as the short answer, except to add that we at least owe it to our mighty heritage and to the ten thousand generations of men and women who lived and died before us, who made and gave us this world we have so spinelessly thrown away—we owe it to them to die as brave and decent a racial death as we can muster in our present tormented and deeply diseased state. If we must be buried, let us be buried with some last few shreds of honor and dignity in the last land on earth to become defiled by the evil which overwhelms us. Let history record that at the last moment, at least a few of us tried. 

And by the by, it really isn’t all that hopeless, you know. Rats may leave a sinking ship, true—but rats survive. 

Nay-Say #4: “We must stand and fight!” Whatever the hell that means. 

Short Answer: Okay, loudmouth. Let’s see you stand and fight. Next time I turn on the TV I expect to see you on the front page out there in New Joisey or Florida or Atlanta, and I expect to see those guns you hide in your closet in your hands, pointed and firing at the enemy. And if you’re not going to really “stand and fight”, then shut your stupid mouth and get out of our way. 

Comprehensive Answer: This is not about standing and fighting anywhere, not yet. This Northwest thing is a last, desperate chance for us to survive as a species. It is about creating a situation where someday in the future we really can stand and fight and have some chance of winning our freedom from this intolerable tyranny. Our purpose is not to “stand and fight” anybody, it is to change the world we live in. That is our strategy. There will come a time when we will have to use tactics to achieve that strategy which are not available to us now for practical reasons, but that time is nowhere near. A journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step. What we are dealing with now is our first two or three small steps on a very long and perilous journey. 

While we’re on the subject, I’d like to propose a moratorium on this whole “Aryan Warrior” thing. The purpose of a warrior is war, and we are not waging war. We are trying to build so we can survive until the time comes when we have both the power and the character to deal with this unspeakable evil that oppresses us as it should have been dealt with long ago. The time of the warrior will come, but right now we need to cease deluding ourselves and stop using terminology which only leads to poor weak-minded kids doing 99 years in prison. Real world, guys. Hold onto that thought: real world. 

Nay-Say #5: “I’d like to go to the Northwest and build a new nation, but the Little Woman won’t let me.” 

Answer Both Short and Comprehensive: The survival of your race is more important than your nightly ration of nookie or anything else in your life. Your duty has called and you do not have the right to refuse. If she won’t get with the program, divorce her ass and find yourself another mate who lives in the Homeland and won’t be constantly whining to “go home” when you are Home.

Nay-Say #6: “I’ve been to Seattle and Portland and Yakima and other areas in the Northwest and it’s full of non-Whites already!” 

Short Answer: Well, we’ll just have to fill it with White people, won’t we? 

Comprehensive Answer: Yes. Remember the demographic stats in the Butler Plan? The Establishment is very uncomfortable with those 90% Caucasian population statistics and is making a deliberate effort to bring “diversity” to the Northwest. In a sense we are trying to beat them at their own game here, and that’s not going to be easy considering the disparity of our resources. 

However, on the upside, remember that where there is diversity, there is more and more White racial awareness. Non-Whites behave in certain ways calculated to get under the skin of the most tolerant honky eventually. Those thick Idaho Kallikaks are as dumb as they are racially because they simply don’t understand. They’ve never had to live with what we’ve had to live with. All those Chinese gangstas in Seattle and Mexicans in Yakima will be our best recruiters, possibly decisive ones. 

Listen up, guys. No one has ever claimed that this will be easy. However, remember the key words here: “manageable proportions”. That’s what we are reducing this problem to. Yes, certain areas of the Northwest have a major mudflow problem, notably all the large urban areas and certain semi-rural ones like Yakima, I understand. It’s bad. But as bad as it is, the rest of the North American continent as a whole is infinitely worse. As terribly hard as our task in the Northwest will prove to be, any serious attempt to cleanse all of North America is simply impossible, and everyone reading these lines knows it. It all boils down to whether or not we’re simply going to give up and die in those excrement-filled diapers in that old age home, while our Third World warehousers make bets on how long we can live on 400 calories a day. I say we go for it, and when enough of you join me, we’ll have a chance. 

Nay-Say #7: “Ah Is A Fool. Screw you, Harold, ah ain’t moving nowhar becawz ah’m a dumbass who cain’t rub two brain cells together and ah is incapable of understanding any political concept more complicated than ‘ah hates a gawd damn nigger.’ Mah Daddy done lived here in Raccoon Piss, Tennessee, and his Daddy afur him and his Daddy afur him, on back to the days when the first Kallikak was run out of Poland fer buggerin’ goats! Now gimme a RC Cola and a moon pie!” 

Short Answer: The moon pies and RCs are right in front of you in that convenience store, Lucius. Can’t you read Spanish? 

Comprehensive Answer: If we’d taken up arms again and revived the Confederate States of America when we should have, back in 1958 when Eisenhower sent the troops into Little Rock, then we’d have a chance now. But we didn’t and we don’t. My legal problems aside, do you think I would even consider living anywhere except North Carolina if there were any conceivable choice that would allow me to die in the real North Carolina, and not the province of Mexico it has become? The land and the world that I grew up on are gone. They don’t exist any more. I understand that and you must, too. It’s time we woke up and smelled the coffee, or at least smelled our Third World neighbors. Mene, mene, tekel upharsin. 

We’re out of time. Racial life, guys. Move it or lose it. 

The Northwest Pioneer Association

Seven Points

I. The Northwest Pioneer Association is a White separatist movement dedicated to the Fourteen Words of David Lane: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

II. In furtherance of those Fourteen Words we commit ourselves, unreservedly and as the primary goal of our lives, to the establishment of a sovereign and independent all-White nation in the Pacific Northwest, which shall serve as a Homeland of safety and freedom for all Aryan peoples the world over. 

III. The central act of our world view is the act of migration to the Pacific Northwest. On our word of honor, we commit ourselves to come to the Homeland, to abide and build our lives there. We will come to the Northwest without equivocation or excuse, without unreasonable or groundless delay, as soon as we possibly can do so.

IV. Until that time when we ourselves Come Home, we commit ourselves to do everything that we can do to assist others to make the Northwest Migration, and to assist the Northwest independence movement in every way we can.

V. We are a community of blood, not of faith. Race, not religion, is what is important. For the sake of our own and future generations, we agree to lay aside all differences of religion between White people, now and forever.

VI. We reject, absolutely and in totality, the spiritual poison of “modernization” within the Racially Conscious Community. We will not tolerate among us known informers who have testified in court against our people or those guilty of any act of moral turpitude. We will not tolerate among us any form of racial admixture or dishonorable behavior such as gambling and embezzlement. We will not tolerate among us perversions of the body such as homosexuality. The cause of the Northwest American Republic is a sacred one and it shall be served by us with honor, steadfastness, courage, and purity.

VII. We are the ones who will GO FIRST and set an example for others who shall follow, physically and morally. We respect and we practice the deed, not the word. We are, in the true sense, pioneers of a new age.

Commentary on the Seven Points

I. The Northwest Pioneer Association is a White separatist organization defined by the Fourteen Words of David Lane, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

Note the term White separatist. You’d think this wouldn’t have to be stated, but we have so many word gamesters in the Movement that it’s probably a good idea to spell everything out before it all gets parsed to death. The Fourteen Words themselves are the closest we as a community have ever come to any kind of consensus among ourselves.

II. In furtherance of the Fourteen Words, we commit ourselves unreservedly and as the primary goal of our lives, to the establishment of a sovereign and independent all-White nation in the Pacific Northwest, which shall serve as a Homeland of safety and freedom for all of our people the world over. 

We need to understand that the overwhelming majority of White people who are involved with the Movement are not revolutionaries in any sense of the word. They are reactionaries, or possibly a better word would be reformists. They don’t want to change the world, they just want a better deal in this one. They don’t want a new country or a new world, not really. What they want is the old world as they believe it should be. They don’t want to move to the Northwest and create a new nation, they want to stay in Texas or Ohio or New York or California, have somebody wave a magic wand and make all the blacks and the Mexicans disappear, and then put them in a new split level ranch with an SUV in the garage and $500,000 in the bank. 

That’s their idea of setting what’s wrong in the world right, not a whole re-ordering of society from top to bottom. And when a bona fide revolutionary movement tries to compete with somebody who promises these people, however nebulously, that it is possible for them to stay where they are and reap the rewards without the work and the danger and the pain, then the con men will win out every time. Up until now the progress of the Northwest Movement has been glacially slow, because we’re not giving these people what they want. Most White people want the American Dream. We want the Iron Dream, and the truth is, so far we’re not getting all that many takers.

This does not apply to the Northwest Pioneers. Almost alone among the Racially Conscious Community, we are the ones who want the Iron Dream, not the American Dream. We are not reformists. We are revolutionaries. We are going to create a whole new order of society from top to bottom, in our own land, which will be based on the complete dismantling and removal of the people, institutions, and classes who now hold state power. 

We are not going to “restore the Constitution” or any such rite-wing drivel. It is lost beyond restoration. We are not going to create a “new America.” We’re starting over from scratch. We are going to create a completely unique, sovereign nation on the face of the earth where none was before. We are no longer interested in the individual issues that propelled many of us into the racial struggle—integration, affirmative action, gun control, crime, economics, abortion, individual sovereignty, the legal system, the Federal reserve, historical revisionism, or whatever. We are interested in securing the existence of our people and a future for White children through the acquisition of state power in a country of our own.

III. The central act of our world view is migration to the Pacific Northwest. On our word of honor, we commit ourselves to come to the Homeland, to abide and build our lives there. We will come to the Northwest without equivocation or excuse, without unreasonable or groundless delay, as soon as we possibly can do so.

This is the key protocol, people. The nitty-gritty. This is what it’s all about. The purpose of the Northwest Pioneer Association is to bring racially conscious Whites to the Pacific Northwest as settlers and activists. It is not to “educate” anyone about anything. It is not to engage in political activities: that time will come when the Party is formed, and it is far down the pike. It is not to hold meetings or rallies or sell things. Its purpose is to relocate you in geographic space from where you sit now, to here. The NPA may well end up engaging in all those other activities, but it must always remain secondary to the primary purpose of bringing about Northwest Migration. 

So long as you are sitting there in a chair somewhere non-Northwest, reading this handbook, or sitting behind a computer in some basement rec room tapping on the keyboard, then the NPA is not fulfilling its function. The NPA is not fulfilling its function until that moving van pulls up in front of your house and you start packing your stuff on board. The purpose of the NPA is to fill moving vans, not computer screens.

IV. On our word of honor, we commit ourselves to do everything that we can to assist others to make the Northwest Migration, and to assist the Northwest movement in every way we can.

Believe it or not, we are not completely unrealistic. A move of this kind is full of obstacles to be overcome and is not to be undertaken frivolously. If you’re not genuinely committed to a Whiter and brighter world, you won’t make it. No one expects, nor do we advocate or encourage you to throw down this handbook, immediately run out and rent a U-Haul trailer, toss everything you can inside, and then show up in northern Idaho in the middle of winter with no job, nowhere to stay, and $200 in your pocket. Proper Homecoming takes time, effort, financial and personal discipline, faith, and hard work. That is what we expect you to undertake.

In the interim, we also expect you to help us in every way that you can. There are a thousand ways to do this and the next few years of what you get from the NPA will mostly be devoted towards explaining and exploring just how you can help move pale racist skins Northwestward. We will not accept you simply sitting and reading newsletters and e-mails, jaw-jacking in internet chat rooms, and nothing else. 

V. We are a community of blood, not faith. For the sake of our own and future generations, we agree to lay aside all differences of religion, now and forever.

There is an increasing amount of pressure from various individuals to “give the Northwest Migration an ideology,” which in this case is a code word for adopting some kind of anti-Christianity. Let’s run this down, from the top. 

Europe has a long history of intellectual anti-clericalism with which most of the White population there is at least somewhat familiar. It is part of their cultural and political tradition. In Europe, if needs must, anticlericalism can at least fly a short distance. North America has no such tradition, and here it won’t fly at all. White Americans simply aren’t that sophisticated. What we have learned about the history and role of organized religion in creating American culture can be fitted into a teacup, and is restricted to a few vague ideas about Puritans in steeple-crown hats chasing Thanksgiving turkeys with blunderbusses and Norman Rockwell paintings of Ozzie and Harriet and the kiddies in some 1950s bland Protestant church on Sunday. Our intellectual tradition comes from Ronald McDonald, not St Francis of Assisi or Martin Luther. 

In this country, with these people, anti-Christianity of any kind is a non-starter. No movement that wishes to maintain even a pretense of desire to attract any significant number of people can be anti-Christian—and yes, eventually the Northwest independence movement is going to have to attract large numbers of people when it becomes a serious political movement composed of flesh and blood human beings, and not images on a computer screen. 

We must become a genuine mass movement with a bona fide base in the people, not some sort of weird little racist version of a Trotskyite sect. Whether we like the fact or not, the overwhelming majority of White Americans pay at least lip service to some kind of Christianity. True, very few of them practice it. But White Americans simply are not comfortable with infantile blasphemies such as referring to Jesus as a “dead Jew on a stick,” and they have no understanding of or patience with long quasi-intellectual tirades against the Christian religion. It confuses them, unsettles them, and distracts their short attention span, and God knows we’re going to be doing enough of that by trying to get them to wrap their minds around race and the Jewish question, and attempting to get them to comprehend the idea of a nationalist separatism within the lower 48. 

We are already assailing one ideological sacred cow that has been pounded into these people from birth, that of “one nation, indivisible.” Of course it’s divisible, just like the other continents of the world are divisible into separate and sovereign political units, but that’s going to be a hard enough sell, thank you, without us coming off like a bunch of crazed cranks when we ramble about Jesus being a dead Jew on a stick.

Nor do we need to stand on street corners banging tambourines, singing hymns, and handing out Bible tracts and those cute little mini-comic books about how Freemasons worship Baphomet, either. The Northwest Movement needs to concentrate on real bread-and-butter issues of genuine concern to real-world, real-life adults, if that’s possible. It has to be made possible, although our community’s past track record in the real world is not promising. We have to grow up.

Why in God’s name (no pun intended) do we need to have a religious issue at all? Why must we immediately confront people with ideas and language that we know damned well will only upset them and alienate them? Who is writing the script here? Anti-Christianity is a distraction from our purpose. It has nothing to do with the Fourteen Words. Granted, the Northwest Migration must be revolutionary, and it must stand for the total re-structuring of society—but the purpose of that revolutionary restructuring is to insure that the White race survives, not to either elevate or destroy a religion. We are building a lifeboat for our people and it simply does not matter how many angels can dance on the head of a pin—or how many Stormtroopers.

Finally, to take the whole argument down to its most crass and practical level, we simply cannot afford to alienate and exclude Christian-oriented activists and financial donors. There aren’t that many of us left in this country that we can begin our formal existence as a movement by immediately casting out the majority of our best people, and the inability or refusal of anti-Christian White nationalists to understand this has always been astounding. It’s like they want our cause to fail—or at least they don’t care if it fails so long as they can get in their digs at the hated religious people. Just as a lot of those hippie-dippy Sixties retreads on the left are still getting back at Dad for not letting them drive the Corvette to school back in ‘66, it sometimes appears that a lot of our comrades are really more interested in getting back at Mom and Dad for making them put on scratchy uncomfortable clothes and hard shoes as children and dragging them to church every Sunday.

We’re all going to find out one way or another, eventually, what God is like, so what is the point in arguing about it here and now? Adolf Hitler wasted no time on this issue. Neither should we. 

VI. We reject the spiritual poison of modernization within the Racially Conscious Community. We will not tolerate among us known informers who have testified in court against our people. We will not tolerate among us any form of racial admixture or dishonorable behavior such as gambling and embezzlement. We will not tolerate among us perversions of the body such as homosexuality. 

Again, there was a time, and not so long ago, when all White nationalists from the KKK to the tax revolt people had certain essential principles in common, and these things didn’t have to be stated. It was simply assumed that any right wing or racial nationalist org was completely opposed to things like miscegenation, gambling away donations, buggering little boys, informing to the FBI, embezzlement of donated funds, and testifying against White racial comrades in Zionist courts, and that those who publicly engaged in such behavior were to be considered beyond the pale. The very idea that anyone who called himself a White nationalist of any stripe could seriously advocate such things was so absurd that no one have believed it as recently as 1999. 

Unfortunately, those days are long gone. There are those among us who seriously propose that we accept and even welcome all of the above, and much worse. The return of the infamous and repulsive Glenn Miller to the Movement is living proof that as a community, our entire moral compass has been tossed overboard. Not in the Northwest Migration. Here we hold to the old values of basic human decency. That is an absolute.

VII. We are the ones who will GO FIRST and set an example for others who shall follow, physically and morally. We respect and we practice the deed, not the word. We are, in the true sense, pioneers of a new age.

Self-explanatory. We are the best, the true racial élite, and our membership card in that élite is our zip code.

How The NPA Will Work

The first thing that needs to be clarified is: do not make the mistake of confusing the Northwest Pioneer Association with “the Party” which is referred to in the Northwest independence novels. The Northwest Pioneer Association is a generic designation for the practical end of the Northwest Migration. The only reason we have that is because it’s gotten to the point where we need a label. Before we’re through, we’ll probably go through dozens or even hundreds of names, front groups, etc. We are united by an idea, not by a name, and that idea is Migration. The NPA will concentrate on moving pale-skinned bodies to the Northwest Homeland, not on political struggle. That is for the Party to come.

If you want to be listed as an Northwest Pioneer Association contact, that is to say someone who is interested in Northwest Migration and is willing to live by the NPA protocols, and to assist others in making Northwest Migration, then you must give the central office a name (not necessarily your real one, but the name you will be known by in your Northwest work) and a physical mailing address of some kind. A post office box is fine. You can rent the post office box or private mail box under Northwest Pioneer Association or any other name you choose, but make sure that the post office people have been instructed to box mail sent to NPA at that address. An e-mail address is optional. You can use your own addy or you can go to Yahoo or Hotmail and take the necessary three minutes to set up an NPA e-mail address such as or something of that kind.

We insist on some kind of physical mailing address more as a symbolic act than anything else, although of course you do need to have some kind of address where people can send mail and you can receive literature and various aids. But mostly, the post office box is a symbolic step off the internet and back into the real world. One of our major nightmares is that this Northwest thing is going to end up trapped in the limbo of cyber-space, never able to break out of the bubble. There has to be something actual, physical, real and hard to the touch with the NPA, even if it’s only the steel sides of a small box in a post office.

Form must follow function. The days of the Movement’s Fearless Leaders and Grand Panjandrums with all kinds of fancy-sounding names and titles, all chiefs and no Indians, are over. The Northwest Pioneer Association will provide the Northwest Migration movement with a bare minimum of necessary form so we can function. It’s just a name that we slap on our assorted Northwest Migration clubs. And by the by, you don’t have to call yourselves Northwest Pioneer Association if you don’t want to. You can call your local chapter the Northwest Riders in the Sky or the Sasquatch Society or whatever. In fact, that might not be a bad idea, in order to confuse Federal and private monitoring groups like the ADL and the loathsome Morris Dees. 

Here is another one to burn into your consciousness: the Feds cannot infiltrate an idea. When a White group starts acting like the Hardy Boys in their clubhouse and putting together too many empty titles and formalities and Chief Cook and Bottle Washers, then all of a sudden the FBI are making their little Mafia family-like flow charts and organizational tables with guys’ pictures in them. Yes, they actually do that. They did it at the Fort Smith sedition trial in 1988, with information provided by informer and star witness Frazier Glenn Miller. 

There will be only two levels in the NPA organizational table, such as it is. The first will be the local units on the ground, consisting of homeland units and outland units (see below.) There will also be a kind of central office consisting at the moment of one person in the role of co-ordinator, supplying as much support to the local units as possible. This will eventually include literature, knick-knacks, tapes, etc. There is as yet no need for state offices or regional offices or any kind of bureaucracy like that. It doesn’t take bureaucracy to move people Northwest, it takes solid work and commitment by real live human beings who are willing to exert the effort.

Local units of the NPA may organize themselves however the associates wish. If you and your compatriots feel the need to have formal titles like chairman and treasurer and sergeant-at-arms and Grand Hierophant, and have formal meetings conducted according to Roberts’ Rules of Order, and draw up minutes, so forth and so on—fine. That’s your call. Doing it that way probably isn’t a very good idea, or doing anything that might assist the Feds in claiming that we’re some kind of organized criminal conspiracy of hate or some such rubbish, but you guys are going to be doing the hard work, so whatever floats your boat. Just don’t have anything lying around by way of records and paperwork that you wouldn’t want read out in open court, and try not to keep anything in the way of correspondence you don’t really need. Back in the old days some Movement nabob would get raided and there would be photos in the newspapers of the droids in the silk suits hauling big file boxes of correspondence out of the guy’s home or office. 

Granted, with Carnivore (the DCS-1000 system) and Magic Lantern and the Patriot Act, the FBI is intercepting all e-mail in this country anyway, but come on, guys, let’s make these civil servants work for it, shall we? It’s a Federal crime to obstruct or lie to the FBI, but there is no law (as yet) that says we have to do all their work for them and make their lives easier. So let’s keep correspondence and paperwork to a minimum, and clean up your computers and e-mail files regularly.

A simple way to handle local units would be to have an informal unit leader or chairman who co-ordinates your group by consensus, and when it becomes necessary, a separate individual as a treasurer, or guy who holds the coffee can kitty of money. Your treasurer and your unit leader need to be two separate people, for obvious reasons. 

Homeland Units and Outland Units

NPA units or chapters will fall into two categories: those located within the Northwest Homeland, and those outside of it, which I will refer to as outland or external units. We will know we’re on our way to success when our unit list shows more teams inside the Northwest Homeland than outside of it. 

The different functions of these units should be obvious. I say again that the primary function of the NPA is to encourage and facilitate actual Northwest Migration, as in moving vans rolling up interstates headed this way. This means that the external units will locate, identify, recruit, and motivate racially conscious White people in their area, explaining to them about Northwest Migration, passing out the copies of the Northwest novel trilogy, and this handbook, plus hopefully a wide range of other material we will be able to provide, etc. 

External units will plan and arrange scouting trips for people from their area to the Northwest, working with comrades who already live in the Homeland in order to provide reception and absorption on the Northwest end for the arriving migrants, etc. The function of external NPA units will be to begin a flow of racially aware migrants into the Pacific Northwest, eventually enough so that we will be doing what ZOG has been doing with the Mexicans and other Third World immigrants. Specifically, we will be changing the demographics of the targeted area in the Northwest, and believe me, it doesn’t take all that many people to do this if the people that we get up here are active and willing to commit themselves wholly to the idea of Northwest independence. It is nothing short of astounding the effect just a small team of activists can create operating in a given area. White people want to hear what we have to tell them, and they want to become part of this movement, if the message is properly presented. 

The function of the internal units located within the Northwest Homeland will be more complex. You see, we not only have to bring people to the Northwest, but we have to give them something to do when they get here, preferably something besides go back to sitting behind a computer terminal and playing. They could have done that back in Keokuk or Cucamonga. We don’t want newcomers to arrive here and end up with the devil making work for idle hands.

The NPA units in the Northwest will be largely occupied with migrant absorption, of course, and will be working extensively with external units around the North American continent, but they will also have the task of getting involved in the pre-Party political and propaganda effort-the traditional “Movement” type activity, and here’s where it gets fun. Eventually one of the big motivations for an active White nationalist to Come Home to the Northwest will be so he or she can start getting involved in the racial and political activism that goes on. 

Local units will not only be responsible for bringing in and absorbing and motivating migrants, but for educating, converting, and recruiting local people in their areas to the cause of Northwest independence. Thus the Northwest units of the NPA will be bigger, more active, and more prestigious. People around the country will want to come to Boise or Portland or Centralia or wherever because that’s where the action will be. Very quickly the operations revolving around the Northwest units of the NPA will start capturing the attention of the rest of the racially conscious community, whose interest will be piqued and who will want to get in touch with their local NPA reps, who will put them in touch with people in the Homeland, help arrange their scouting trips, etc. As the Homeland units get bigger and more active, more and more people from the RCC, the active ones who are looking for something serious to do, will get involved.

Building A New Racial Elite

There has been much written about the kind of people whom we don’t want in the Movement, both as leaders and as members. The Northwest Migration needs to emphasize just who we do want. In doing so we not only need to analyze the situation in order to avoid past errors, but with a view towards fulfilling the ultimate goal of the Northwest Migration, the seizure of state power and the creation of an Aryan Republic somewhere on the soil of North America. 

It is natural in view of the type of dysfunctionals we’ve gotten in the past to seek normalcy above all else, but we need to think about this. In light of what passes for normalcy in this day and age, do we in fact want “normal” people? Those who still retain some vision of a huge army of racist Beaver Cleavers arising from suburbia need to re-think. Revolutionaries are never normal or average people, and we must come to understand that a certain amount of individuality and eccentricity is always going to be manifest in our best comrades. White Nationalists by very definition march to the beat of a different drummer. 

A lot of problems can be avoided by adopting the practice of recruiting and indoctrinating people on an individual, hands-on basis for activity in small four and five man cells. At any given time, any serious activist needs to be “working” at least three or four recruitment prospects. But what, precisely, should the activist look for when selecting potential NPA members? 

1. Avoid recruiting in bars. Bars are places where drunks and barflies hang out, not revolutionaries. We need men with real courage, not Dutch courage. Do not mistake drunken expressions of racial resentment for true Aryan revolutionary dedication. Anybody can shoot his mouth off when he’s got a load on. At most, if you hear someone making racialist or anti-minority statements while consuming alcohol and you know where to locate that person later on, approach them and see if they will make the same statements while sober. Nine times out of ten they won’t dare, and they will actually become worried and upset if they believe they might have been overheard raving racial heresy in their cups by someone who might turn them into to the local politically correct establishment. It is extremely rare to find a single valuable activist who was recruited in a bar or other alcoholic setting. Sooner or later they get arrested or are otherwise forced to dry up and they crumple like a Styrofoam cup. And by the by, just what the hell are you doing in a bar spending money on booze which could go for the racial cause? 

2. Concentrate on the young, but be extra careful. Some of the most virulent racialists in America are high school and junior high students, understandably since they are on the front line of integration, reverse discrimination, political correctness and racial chaos. The political and racial education of our youth in order to inculcate them with National Socialist and Northwest revolutionary thought is one of the Movement’s most important tasks, but it must be approached with great care and finesse. 

You can give these kids stickers and literature occasionally, and target their schools for literature distribution as often as you possibly can. But as much as possible, avoid direct contact between adult White Nationalists and underage boys and girls whose parents are not racially aware. Do not allow your home or apartment to become a hangout, even for kids you know. They will bring their friends, and some of those you won’t know. Then all of a sudden you’ve got horseplay, drugs, underage drinking and underage sexual activity going on, and guess who’s head is on the legal liability chopping block for it all? 

Until they are 18, teenagers are more or less the legal property of their parents. They have no political or social rights, and if some teenager gets hurt or gets in trouble with literature you gave them directly or gets in some racial fight which can be attributed to you personally, you can find yourself in a world of hurt either through the law or through private legal action from parents who can sue the hell out of you for “corrupting” their little darlings with your evil racism. It’s happened. Ask Mark Thomas.

The indoctrination of teenagers is essential. We’ve got to reach their minds and their hearts before the System does. This is one area where the internet will prove an invaluable tool. We need to keep them at arm’s length, and teach kids through general propaganda and outreach activity, not person-to-person except in special cases. When a kid constitutes a special case requiring a more risky but more effective hands-on approach is a judgment call on your part. Make a wrong call and the System has a handle on you they’ll twist and squeeze for all it’s worth. When kids hit that magic one-eight, they’re free and clear. 

3. What can this person contribute? That’s the very first question you need to ask yourself before you begin to “work” a prospect. Merely awakening someone racially or bringing them around to the Northwest viewpoint for its own sake, while always a worthy endeavor, should not be your first consideration during Phase One and Phase Two. Given our paucity of resources and manpower, can we really justify the effort involved in converting an eighty year-old Social Security recipient who lives in a nursing home and is confined to a wheelchair? A casual laborer with an IQ of seventy who earns $7.00 an hour, lives in a boarding house, and is mostly drunk on Thunderbird? Someone who is facing some immense personal or financial crisis, a bad divorce or bankruptcy or medical catastrophe in the family which is going to take every spare moment, every penny, and every ounce of thought and attention he’s got? 

Think, people! 

Look for those with skills, anything the NPA might need. Electricians, plumbers and carpenters who will eventually service Party offices and facilities for free; auto mechanics who can keep our people’s vehicles on the road; printers and copy shop workers who can provide free or low-cost printing; computer people who can install and configure PC and other cyberservices; law enforcement and military reservists with all the variety of skills appropriate to their professions; lawyers and doctors and nurses; people who own their own businesses and can provide goods and services the Movement needs; people who own farms or rural homes where meetings and gatherings can take place quietly and unobtrusively; building owners who can provide secure office space free or very cheaply. The list goes on and on. 

Don’t be afraid to look at someone and assess him or her on the basis of “how much mileage can the Northwest Migration get out of this person?” This sounds cold and cynical, but it’s necessary. You are not out to make friends and influence people--well, actually you are, but you’re doing it to save your people from extinction, not for your own personal edification. Lenin once said that a revolution is not a tea party. Human beings are our only real potential resource. Cultivate them as such and make no apologies for it; you’re doing your job. 

4. Look for potential financial supporters, and don’t apologize for the fact. The NPA has to have money to function and the leader ought to have no more compunction about assessing his people for contributions than a race car driver who pulls into the pit and tells his crew “Fill ‘er up and make it snappy!” 

But we can’t expect the same people constantly to bear the bulk of the financial burden. Seeking out and “working” new financial supporters for the Northwest Migration movement is a necessary and vital function that every activist needs to take on as a matter of course, again without apology or embarrassment. The difference between the Northwest Migration and the Great White Leaders is simple: they’re rip-offs and we’re not, and we need to have the moral courage to stand up and say it in exactly those terms. There’s no shame in trying to get affluent people involved in the Movement to put their money where their mouth is. 

5. Look for personal stability in a potential recruit. How responsible is his job? How long had he held his job? If he is unemployed, is his a genuine hard-luck story of lay-off or racial discrimination, or is he making up excuses to cover the fact that he’s a bone-idle incompetent who really doesn’t want to work? Is he married? If so, how long? If not, why not? How many divorces? Does he pay his child support? Does he own his home? Does he drink to the point of intoxication? Use drugs? How’s his hygiene? (There is something seriously mentally wrong with people who don’t bathe.) Can he write a coherent sentence? Speak a coherent sentence? Think a coherent thought? How much television does he watch? What kind of shows? Does he allow his kids to listen to nigger music and act like whiggers? Does he live his ostensible racial beliefs?

How about his political and racial outlook and conversation? How’s the depth factor? Does he actually try to analyze why things are they way they are? Or is it just a “nigguhnigguhnigguh kikekikekike faggot spic gawdamn sumbitch Joos wanna cut Hillary’s tits off” type of thing? 

How about his sexual attitudes and behavior? Does he get along OK with women? Does he appear to hate them? (Understandable enough if he does, given the increasing frequency of really hideous divorce and child custody experiences among White American males, but you need to make sure his feelings are based on experience and not sociopathy, and that it’s only the one particular woman and/or her lawyer he’s bitter and twisted about rather than all women in general.) Does he make degrading comments about women and call them “bitches,” a disgusting negroidal habit? Does he use pornography? 

Does he beat women and boast of the fact to his buddies afterwards? If so, drop him. One of the requirements for a revolutionary is personal, physical courage. Moral judgments aside, it is a simple fact that a man who beats women is a coward and has always been recognized as such in healthy Aryan societies. We don’t need cowards.

Any signs of overt or incipient homosexuality? In female prospects, any signs of similar sexual instability or promiscuity? Smutty humor aside, you don’t want sluts in your NPA cell. They can cause an infinite amount of damage and disruption. It’s happened. Tragically, modern-day White women are even more prone to neurosis and emotional instability than men, due to the immense stress and pressure that Judaeo-liberal feminist society places on them by denying them the deep fulfillment of their natural biological roles as wives and mothers. 

How’s your prospect’s religion? Mild, medium, Holy Roller, weirded out? Does he rave about how JEBUS is a-coming’ soon for the Rapture? How is he on guns? Pro-Second Amendment? Gun enthusiast? Lunatic who talks nothing else but guns, strokes them and takes them to bed with him at night? Avoid both of these extremist types; they aren’t really political people, they are mental cases. 

How about friends? Many, few, none? If a man does not have any friends, that is a warning signal. Proceed with caution. Better yet, don’t proceed. Ease on out of that prospect and find another. 

6. Check motives thoroughly. Always bear in mind that one of our primary problems in the past has been people who have joined racial organizations because of the media stereotypes, not in spite of them. As time goes on we will get more and more people joining for either specific personal revenge—a perfectly acceptable motive in my view—or ambition to be some kind of sadistic Gauleiter type, kill their enemies, and ravish all the local beauties, which is not an acceptable motive. Every revolutionary movement spawns ego-trippers, thugs, careerists, opportunists and bureaucrats. We need to be on our guard against them. 

You need to make sure before bringing someone into the NPA that they understand that the Northwest independence novels are fiction, the Northwest Volunteer Army does not exist outside the pages of Harold Covington’s febrile imagination, and they understand they are not joining a violent IRA-type guerrilla group; that they are not going to dress up in black leather and so on; that they will be expected to meet certain minimal standards of personal behavior; and they must meet a basic financial commitment. Yes, we expect them to support the movement with money. It’s one of the duties we all have. 

It also helps to make it clear to people that there are no secret armies in the South American jungles; no secret gold reserves hidden in Swiss bank accounts, and Hitler’s brain is not preserved somewhere on an alien spaceship directing us. This may sound silly, but bear in mind that most people have been exposed to a lifetime of such silliness in the media, and even the best of them may sometimes have difficulty telling Judaeo-liberal gibberish from fact. 

One Step At A Time

What we have to do is to approach this NPA thing kind of like Alcoholics Anonymous, i.e. we take everything one day at a time. We lay out a simple and achievable To Do list, A-B-C-D etc. Then we follow it and we don’t wander. We go from A to B to C to D, one at a time. Once we get that checklist of things we need to do completed, then we make another list and we do the same. 

Slowly, day by day, $10 dues payment by $10 dues payment, we claw our way upward. This is that heavy lifting part. There is no telling how long it’s going to last. 

The Northwest Trilogy: Our Main Weapon

by Harold A. Covington

You may be familiar by now with print-per-order publishing. PPO publishing technology has done something that fifty years of our own effort never accomplished—it has actually broken the back of a Jewish monopoly in the arts and entertainment field, and allowed us access to quality book-length publishing services at a price that even our destitute people and organizations can afford. The playing field still isn’t level and it never will be, but at least we can get onto the field, which we couldn’t before. 

The Northwest Migration movement will never be able to match the Establishment publishers in the money and time and effort we can invest in promotion and advertisement, nor will we be able to get access to the retail and market sales outlets that the Establishment publishers have—but at least alternative literature and ideas can get published now. It used to be that printing and publishing and distributing a single politically incorrect book was a major, lifelong project that sometimes literally killed the author, as witness Francis Parker Yockey. Now, if we can ever address the character issue and create a bona fide resistance movement, we no longer have that technological and logistic hurdle. The opportunity is there if we ever decide we want to get our act together and use it.

The Northwest Novel Trilogy

Can anything be accomplished through fiction? Well, Uncle Tom’s Cabin has been credited with starting the Civil War, and The Turner Diaries has been given credit for inspiring the Order as well as other things, so the power of the written word shouldn’t be underestimated. Granted, the number of White people who are willing to sit down and actually read a block of type for content is a very small proportion of the White population. But they are there, and many of them are willing to at least make the attempt if they know ahead of time the book is something politically incorrect and forbidden.

We do so much that we shouldn’t be doing that we never can seem to figure out what it is that we should be doing. It’s as if we’re trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle when we’ve lost the cover to the puzzle box, without knowing what the picture we’re trying to assemble looks like. We can see all the pieces, and we can even fit a few together, but we have no idea what we’re trying to create or how it should work.

But what if we did have the cover of the puzzle box? Suppose we had a vision of what we were trying to accomplish? Suppose we could get a glimpse of the great prize itself? Suppose we could look at what we should be doing instead of being constantly told how not to do it?

What the Northwest trilogy of novels does is to give our people a good look at the cover of the box, so that they know what a White revolution should look like, and indeed what a real one might possibly look like. They can get some idea of what they should be doing and how they should be doing it, instead of wandering down endless dead ends. Bear in mind that I am uniquely qualified to do this, because I have actually lived, as a local and not a tourist, in societies where revolution has been accomplished within living memory, where attempted revolution was ongoing, and where I could observe events up close at first hand. I know what the picture on the box should look like, because I’ve seen the real thing. Virtually no one else in the Movement has. No brag, guys, just fact.

In the year 2000, as a consequence of the atrocious Morris Dees legal assault on Pastor Richard Butler, I decided that I would write a novel depicting what a future sovereign, independent Aryan nation in the Pacific Northwest would look like, and how such a new nation might come about. This was a challenge because rather than create some work of pure science fiction, I tried to predict and portray exactly how a White revolutionary movement of Northwest independence might succeed, based on the reality of what we have to work with today—on the admittedly far-fetched premise that we ever do get our act together. 

The result was The Hill of the Ravens, which came out in September of 2003. The novel is set in the middle of the 21st century, around forty years after the successful Northwest War of Independence. In addition to describing a number of aspects of the contemporary Northwest American Republic, including technological advances and a realistic form of authoritarian but participatory government which might actually arise in such a situation, the book deals with events that took place during the guerrilla War of Independence. Unlike The Turner Diaries, it actually has a plot, being a whodunnit dealing with the betrayal of a Northwest partisan column forty years before and the identity of the traitor.

A Fanfare for the Common Man

I had no sooner finished The Hill of the Ravens when I read it over and realized that while it was a start, it was still inadequate. I was writing under time constraints, and there just wasn’t enough space to cover every single thing I wanted to cover. I didn’t want the book to run to the length of War and Peace. There were points that should have been made that weren’t made, and there were questions about the Northwest idea that should have been answered that weren’t answered. 

From that came the idea for me to expand the Northwest novels into a trilogy. In August of 2004 I published the second of the three books, A Distant Thunder, which is essentially the story of a single revolutionary soldier, a Northwest Volunteer, from his childhood as a poor working class White boy until almost the end of the conflict, and of how the revolution began and progressed in a single town in the Pacific Northwest.

The Hill of the Ravens is set in a fairly elevated level in Northwest society under the Republic—my protagonist is in fact a member of the president’s family as well as a senior police investigator, and there is a good deal of fictional high politics and policy discussed. A Distant Thunder is a much more earthy and proletarian re-telling of the revolutionary mythos, and it is done in the first person. It is the memoir of a young White “trailer trash” kid named Shane Ryan, who recounts his youthful experiences growing up in the last days of the old America of diversity and political correctness, his initial contact with the Party and the Northwest independence movement, and his career as a Northwest Volunteer during the War of Independence. 

Shane and his comrades of the Wingfield family are not political leaders or generals or Party intellectuals; they are the “grunts” and common foot soldiers of the Northwest revolution, the kind of working-class, normal White people that we must attract to our cause if there is to be any hope. Their experience in the novel is very largely localized, as the book recounts the beginning and the subsequent development and course of events taken by the White revolt in a single county in western Washington. It is the revolution in microcosm and anecdotal detail. 

I deliberately chose to re-tell the story of this fictional future rebellion in the Northwest from the viewpoint of a bottom-rung Volunteer because I wanted to emphasize something that must—let me repeat that, must occur within the Northwest movement itself, which is that form must follow function and that the Party must be created from the bottom up, not the top down. No more self-appointment, no more letterhead organizations, no more of this “if you build it, they will come” crap. In everything else we have ever tried, we set up somebody as Grand Panjandrum with a post office box, a letterhead, and (later) a web site, and then sat back and waited for the bodies to appear and flesh out the empty framework. It’s never worked worth a damn. This time we have to get the real-world, physical bodies on the ground first. This is one of the things I try to show in A Distant Thunder.

A Mighty Fortress, the third novel in the trilogy, turned into something of an amalgam of the first two books, including some of the characters. A Mighty Fortress is the story of the Longview peace conference wherein the Northwest Republic comes into being. We have never gotten so far even in our wildest dreams, until now, that we have devoted any thought at all to exactly how we intend to bring the present order to an end and replace it with a new one. A Mighty Fortress begins with the NVA as an underground guerrilla movement and follows its transformation into the government of a new, sovereign Aryan nation. I can’t believe that I am the first who ever even seems to have thought about this, but it looks like I am.

In these three books the Northwest independence movement some unique tools to create a vision of our future freedom in a land of our own, but more importantly we have begun the process of changing the White man’s thinking, and hopefully transfiguring his character to the point where he can recover his ancient courage. 

These books are at the moment the primary items of propaganda the Northwest Migration possesses. They are our answer to what Bush the First called “the vision thing.” They show us what the cover of the puzzle box looks like. They need to get into the hands of as many people as possible in our Movement. 

Because like I have said before—we don’t have a whole hell of a lot of time left. 

HAC’S First Letter From The Homeland

June 21st, 2002

Dear Racial Comrades:

You know what my first gut reaction is? An overwhelming question arises in my mind: why in God’s name would anyone not want to come here? 

I am looking out my window as I type this onto a green, garden-like scene complete with flowers, well-trimmed lawns, Douglas firs and hardwoods, a bright sun shining...and it’s only a little over sixty degrees. 

I am still internalizing the knowledge that I am actually going to be able to enjoy summer this year, actually be able to go outside instead of burying myself in an air-conditioned box against day after day of deadly, oven-like heat that doesn’t subside even after nightfall. 

Okay, this may sound like a self-centered and subjective reaction. But as you know, most right-wingers and racial nationalists have their own eccentric little theories about things. One of mine is that White men urgently need to dwell and strive and raise their young in a northerly, forested environment containing four distinct and perceptible seasons. In other words, the biosystem that existed in our ancestral Europe, especially northern Europe, the lands and climates that gave rise to our unique racial personality. We seem instinctively to crave warm or hot summers, cool autumns with brightly colored falling leaves, cold winters with at least some snow, and balmy springs. This progression of the seasons seems to be one of the things that has made us what we are, biologically and culturally.

If you look at the subsequent history of our race on this continent, you will find that our very best minds and personalities down through the centuries (with a few exceptions, duly noted) have always issued from parts of America where there were four separate and distinguishable climactic seasons. This applies even to the South to some will note that the cream of Southern leadership and creativity were always men who were born and raised in, say, Virginia or Tennessee or North Carolina or Kentucky, as opposed to those who grew up in the hot, tropical Gulf or desert areas. (The areas where the blacks always thrived best.) 

Again, I understand that there were exceptions to this generalization and they are duly noted. Anyway, that’s just a theory of mine. I don’t insist on it, but Jesus it’s good to be able to open a window and breathe natural air in June!

In any case, this letter is just to touch base and let you know what’s going on, especially you comrades who do not own computers. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, but it took some time for me to get set up. I will try to get the Bulletin back on track as soon as possible, but I am now confronted with the necessity which always confronts me every time I move to a new place: finding a printer who will do politically incorrect stuff and not have a screaming hissy fit. It may well be that my next few Bulletins must be couched in more than usually Aesopian language so as not to send some little girl copy shop clerk into hysterics. I have in the past repeatedly belabored the necessity for us to acquire and operate our own printing facilities so that we can print what we want without censorship, but we won’t get into that again. For now, a few quick points:

1. No More Excuses. The nay-sayers of all motivations have now been stripped of their biggest weapon against the Northwest Republic, the constant bleat “Harold’s living in Texas, Harold’s living in Texas, nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah.” 

I agree that it took me entirely too long to get here, but the fact is that an existential change has taken place: I am no longer asking you to do anything I have not done myself. I think that this may well prove to be a point of critical importance. This may also lead to an escalation in government surveillance, private left-wing “monitoring” and criminal harassment directed against me by Willard et. al., but them’s the breaks.

2. Summer Is Scouting Trip Time. All of you have some vacation coming due soon from whatever rat race jobs you work at. That vacation needs to be used for your scouting trip to the Northwest. For those of you close enough to drive, I have now traveled all three major routes to and from the Homeland: the High Passage of Interstate 90, the Southern Passage of Interstate 5, and the Middle Passage of Interstate 84. (That may sound melodramatic and corny, but remember the Oregon Trail?) 

I would be hard put to describe which is more impressive, although cruising by Mount Shasta on I-5 would be hard to top. Yet now I come to think of it, driving down the Columbia River Gorge on I-84 is just as impressive and longer lasting. If you decide to take I-90, make sure you stop for a few hours at the Little Big Horn battlefield monument, if only to pay your respects to the monolith with the names of Custer’s fallen heroes on it...almost all German and Irish names, in equal proportion. 

Many of you may have to fly into Sea-Tac or Portland or Boise, and since 9/11 that can be a real nuisance, but it’s not only something that has to be done, it’s worth it. (I keep telling you, I am actually asking you to do yourselves a favor by coming here to one of the best remaining parts of America.) 

3. Suggestions Wanted. Our primary task for the next few years, possibly even for the next generation, is to get your ass up here. We must create the communities and the population base before we can think about any kind of overt action. But that doesn’t mean we can’t think about the future. An independent Aryan state in the Pacific, when, and by what road? In the RCC “debate” usually generates verbiage sans action, but in this case we need to create an RCC-wide discussion on the subject of the coming Northwest American Republic in order to begin channeling our thoughts and our aspirations in that direction. 

The Northwest concept must become the generally understood and accepted strategy for White survival. The future of our people is here, and I am starting to see signs every day that we as a community are coming to realize that. So let’s not waste another year, shall we? Put in for that vacation and start planning your itinerary today. Don’t put it off for years like I did.

“I can find a thousand men who would fight and die for the Northwest Republic. I can’t find ten who will WORK for it.”

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